September 25, 2010

OneTouch Net: Tata Docomo/Yahoo/Alcatel

Tata Docomo has launched its first own-branded mobile phone 'OneTouch Net' with partnership with Alcatel and Yahoo.

The phone features 80 MB inbuilt memory, a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio and stereo bluetooth 2.0.

The phone has dedicated buttons to access internet services like Yahoo and Divein and hence the name 'OneTouch Net'.

The 'OneTouch Net', is a basically Tata Docomo/Yahoo/Alcatel phone co-branded phone which offers Yahoo services like mail, chat etc and Docomo's Dive-in website applications. The phone is made by Alcatel. 

The phone will be available in two colours - white/lavender and black/silver. OneTouch Net is priced at Rs 5,499.

World's Strangest Buildings

World's Strangest Buildings

1. Mind House (Barcelona, Spain) 

2.. The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland) 

3.. Stone House (GuimarĂ£es, Portugal) 

4.. Lotus Temple (Delhi, India) 

5. Cathedral of Brasilia (Brazil) 

6. La Pedrera (Barcelona, Spain) 

7.. Atomium (Brussels, Belgium) 

8. Museum of Contemporary Art (Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 

9. Kansas City Library (Missouri, USA) 

10. Low impact woodland house (Wales, UK) 

11. Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain) 

12. Rotating Tower, Dubai, UAE 
(Bamboo leaf for Dynamic Architecture ™ all rights reserved to Dr. David Fisher)
Have you ever seen a building in motion that actually changes its shape? Sounds unbelievable but not to Dr. David Fisher. This building will never appear exactly the same twice.
It is amazing but you will have the choice of waking up to sunrise in your bedroom and enjoying sunsets over the ocean at dinner.
In addition to being such an incredible engineering miracle it will produce energy for itself and even for other buildings because it will have wind turbines fitted between each rotating floor (picture 2).. So an 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant.

13. Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada) 

14. Casa da musica (Porto, Portugal) 

15. Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada) 

16. Nautilus House (Mexico City, Mexico) 

17. The National Library (Minsk, Belarus) 

18. National Theatre (Beijing, China)

19. Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico 


20. House Attack (Viena, Austria) 

21. Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt)

22. Cubic Houses (Kubus woningen) (Rotterdam, Netherlands) 

23. Ideal Palace (France) 

24. The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik, Iceland 

25. Eden project (United Kingdom)

26. The Museum of Play (Rochester , USA)

27. Atlantis (Dubai, UAE)

28. Montreal Biosphere (Canada)

29. Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge, TN, USA) 

30. Kunsthaus (Graz, Austria)
31. Forest Spiral (Darmstadt, Germany)
32. Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk, Russia) 

September 22, 2010

Dell Streak tablet-phone India launch in October 2010, Features, Price

Dell Streak, the 5-inch tablet-phone hybrid from Dell will be launched in India in October 2010, reports NDTV.

Dell Streak is a handset with tablet like features offering 800 x 400 display, a 5-megapixel camera, a solid browser, a powerful 3G phone based on Android. The Streak's 5-inch touchscreen is the largest in its class with HDMI out. The phone lacks the FM radio and navigational trackball found in other Android devices

Dell Streak was officially launched in United States and UK at a price tag of $549 and $299 dollars with connection.

Operating system Android 1.6 (Donut)
Power Removable 1530mAh battery
CPU 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon ARM
Storage capacity Flash memory: 1.63 GB[2]
1 microSD slot: expandable up to 32 GB
Memory 512 MB ROM + 512 MB SDRAM + 2 GB non-user accessible MicroSD
Display 800 × 480 px, 5 in (130 mm) WVGA in-cell TFT LCD
Graphics Adreno 200
Input Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, Capacitive touch buttons, headset controls 3-axis accelerometer
Camera 5.0 megapixel with video LED. Dual LED flash on back. Front facing camera on top.
Connectivity Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, GPS with A-GPS
Weight 220g 

September 21, 2010

Ways to Make Money on Twitter

Introduction : Twitter is actually a website that follows micro-blogging, or blogging very short messages. Logging into the Twitter homepage, you will find a window where you can type “tweets” or short messages up to 140 characters. You send it out by clicking on “update” and everyone online and in your network can see that message instantly. Updates of other people will also visible to you. When you register, you can check out other people and other people can also connect to you.
A big buzz has surrounded Twitter, a service that is proving to be very addictive. This service allows its registered users to answer one simple and easy question: “what are you doing right now?”
This website and the features of this website have made it through to different channels and its appearances in different bogs and newspapers and magazines. This only means that everyone seems to be so energized because of Twitter. Everyone is tweeting and having a good time while doing it, leading the more capitalizing people to think: how can Twitter make money?
Any Twitter fan will admit that they have taken Twitter hook, line and sinker. So to harness that, one can safely conclude that the best way to make money on Twitter is by using the tools that it already has and is already familiar to the users. Here are four ways how you can make extra money on Twitter.
  • Upgrade to Twitter Pro. This is the first step to everything. With Twitter Pro you are getting a paid service that has a lot to offer. You have unlimited number of tweets as compared to the standard account wherein you get a daily or weekly limit. It also allows a Cellphone/Blackberry and Windows Mobile client to use Pro tools that make your tweeting better and more robust. You can make a better statement with Twitter Pro because you use the web to transmit the tweets, so you are sidestepping the overly priced SMS charges. You can also upload tweeting pics and videos.
  • Merchandise. This is a very trusty way to earn money. You sell stuff online, whether they are items you have produced yourself or otherwise. You get to tell other people what you have to sell and convince them to buy. This on is pretty basic.
  • Twitter for Business following after Google Apps. This is a customized, safe and secure software that businesses run in their own intranet. BlackBerry and Win Mobile clients are already familiar of this application. Clients or the employees of the clients can easily communicate appointments and tasks because by following this platform, what the company is actually getting is a centralized personal or group communication system. It can be set up to have teams be subscribed to each other’s tweets so they keep in touch with each other’s progress.
  • Use Twitter for affiliate marketing. This strategy is already used by a lot of affiliate marketers. In addition to the websites where they place links that people can click on, they also send out the links of these websites in their tweets. People who are subscribed to the marketer’s tweets would be able to click on the links and be redirected to your web page.If you want to know more check out few tips for affiliate marketing using twitter.
Who does not want to earn extra cash? Everyone does! Twitter is only one of the many sites that you can use to make some money in. The key to success in this kind of business is to look for ways that you can use to make the website or the features of the website to make money. Be creative!

10 ways to remove Conficker virus from your computer

What is Conficker?
Conficker is supposed to be the biggest worm attack of this time,which hits around 350 million PCs and is one of the hottest topic.Confick is also known asConfickerDownupDownadup and Kido.The main target of this virus is again Microsoft Windows operating system (If you are an linux user then you need not to worry).It is noticed around October 2008 and targets the exploits in previously patched vulnerability in the Windows Server service of Microsoft.
conflicker 10 ways to remove Conficker virus from your computer
Targeted Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Beta, and Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta.
Conficker-virusHere are the 10 methods to remove the Confiker / Conflicker virus:
  1. Department of Homeland Security -DHS Releases Conficker/Downadup Computer Worm Detection Tool
  2. Bitdefender – Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen
  3. Enigma Software – Information about Conficker Removal Tool
  4. ESET Securities – “Eset – Win32/Conficker.AA”
  5. F-Secure – “Worm:W32/Downadup.AL”
  6. Symantec – “W32.Downadup Removal – Removing Help”.
  7. Sophos – “Conficker Clean-up Tool – Free Conficker detection and removal”
  8. Kaspersky Lab – “How to fight network worm Net-Worm.Win32.Kido”
  9. McAfee can remove this when you click on an on-demand scan.
  10. AVG can remove this when you click on an on-demand scan.You have to download the latest version as older one will not work anymore on the victim computer.

Top 10 mistakes of Internet business

It is a known fact that there are many people who already succeed in the Internet business arena. Before venturing into the field, try to consider the pros and cons of this business. Here are the top 10 mistakes of Internet business, always be mindful of these pitfalls.
  1. Many people think that Internet business is easy. Well that is definitely wrong. You need to work hard and devote time to it if you want to succeed.
  2. It is wrong to think that Internet business is risk free fraud because many modus operandi can ruin your business overnight.
  3. People think that selling in the web is easy but that is definitely a wrong impression. You have to exert effort on ad campaigns and SEO to build traffic towards your website.
  4. Having flashy website with lots of flash animations is a no-no. These websites will be bulky and very hard to load into a web browser.
  5. There are online store owners who still put ads from other online stores. This act will only confuse visitors.
  6. Many websites are hard to navigate. Visitors do not have any clue where to go.
  7. A picture of the product you’re selling is not enough. You also need to add concise information about the product in the brochure pages.
  8. Contact information about the online store can be difficult to find, you still have dig deep into the website.
  9. Many online companies exaggerate on product specs. Some customers will take the bite at first but eventually the company will lose customers because of this practice.
  10. There are online companies that offer overnight shipping but will not be able to make it. This will again discourage customers to go back.
So these are the top 10 mistakes of Internet business. Make sure not to commit these mistakes .Last but not least have a look over the building blocks Of online business so that you can have better.

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Top 10 mistakes of Google : Espikes09

Google is one of the biggest companies in the Internet today. It has been popular because of its search engine. Despite its size and popularity the company also has its own list of mistakes. Here are the top 10 mistakes of
  1. Gmail is recently experiencing outage and account inaccessibility. Is happens from time to time and Google has not yet addressed it until now. This will definitely tarnish the image of Google.You may check about the latest problem of gmail here. Stan Schroeder of Mashable published an article stating “gmail down panic mode on”.
  2. Google Maps is another brilliant concept but it can also help terrorists with bad intentions do their strategic planning.May be you should know that “Terrorist Use of Google Earth Raises Security Fears” and “Google Maps aids terrorists”.Every technology have its own flaws but it can also be recovered.Their are so many severe questions on national securities.For example latest mumbai bomb blast terrorist “Kasab” is in arthur road jail so will google remove arthur road from its map?
  3. The Chrome is yet another web browser. Who needs another one? Google already partnered with Mozilla for the Firefox so there’s no point in adding another web browser. John Brandon says that “Is Chrome the first epic fail at Google?” You should also read the chrome fail discussion on the reddit.More over this is the comment from a user in a Google groups
    I just updated Google Chrome to the latest version, RC 1 i.e. non-
    beta. And now my Gtalk within Orkut states that it doesn’t work with
    this browser. Come on, both are Google products… They should work
    better together, not fail on such an epic scale.
    Update: Google is continuously working on project “chrome” and come up with some new features. I wish to remove this point after extensions updates in the  Chrome final release. (on beta and developer versions it have extensions features and we also developed Google ChromeExtensions for Gtalk , checking IP and Speed Test )
  4. Google Finance is so US centered, you cannot find good information about other countries. There are competitions that are far better like Yahoo Finance.Felix Salmon questioned “Is Google Too Big To Fail?”.According to a blogpost “Minor disadvantages of Google Finance are that it doesn’t show all the popular ratios that Yahoo does, such as the PEG. For foreign stocks, it shows profit margin and operating margin information, but not the P/E or P/S
  5. Google Checkout is yet another mistake from Google. It is half-baked and it is so limited. Why should people use this when you have Paypal which offers more options.You check some advantages and disadvantages of Google Checkout vs Paypal.
  6. Picasa is a good photo manager but Picasa Web album is definitely a bad idea. The user interface is confusing.I personally like to spend $25 on Flickr Pro rather than using Picasa.
  7. Google Web Accelerator is another bad product from Google. It has many privacy  issues. It also causes problems with some websites not loading properly. 37signals reports in fact that the Google Web Accelerator “Google is essentially clicking every link on the page — including links like “delete this” or “cancel that.” And to make matters worse, Google ignores the Javascript confirmations“. 
  8. Google Video is also a bad idea. It did not feature popular TV shows. And it is so slow.and
  9. Google Desktop is posing security threats among users. The software pulls personal data from your PC.
  10. There are too many instant messaging software out there. Google Talk is too late. More over foxnews recently discloses that ‘ViddyHo’ Virus Spreads Through Google Chat”.In case you have the time ,look over the some interesting facts about Google Talk.
Last but not least say’s that “Google to kill 6 of its failed projects” these are listed as follows:
The top 10 mistakes of Google are easy to correct. With the way the company works these can be done within months.I just remember this quote 
Google seem to want to be the next Yahoo and Yahoo seem to want to be the next Google
Note: Help and suggestions to improve this articles are always invited.
google lively Top 10 mistakes of Google
Google Lively is addition in the list of Google fails.
About Google Lively : Lively was a network of avatars and virtual rooms created and decorated by its users. Google launched Lively on July 8, 2008 as an experiment in providing people with more ways to express themselves on the Web

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Top 10 mistakes of Yahoo.

Besides gaining top traffic rank in alexa and popular as it may seem but Yahoo still has its own set of mistakes.The Yahoo website is cluttered with so many bits and pieces. This is not appealing to many people so they look for other search engine like Google.Moreover Here is a list of top 10 mistakes of Top 10 Mistakes of Yahoo
  1. Microsoft deal controversy :They are too arrogant. They turned down Microsoft, it was a good deal for them but they did not accept the offer.
  2. Unable to advantages of been old in the market : Few years ago they were the best search engine but then came Google; they got old and they never have enough efforts to regain dominance.
  3. Lack of multi business model : They are trying to compete with Google Adsense. Why not think of other business model that can bring them in to the top of the game again.
  4. Terry Semel is a mistake ? The guy doesn’t have the talent to lead the company. His track record will show that he is not the man for the job.
  5. Lost the chance to take over Google : In initial days Google founders were looking for the investors.At that time after joining Yahoo, the company founders of yahoo (Jerry Yang and David Filo ) thinks of buying Google.Again Terry Semel had dinner conversation with Google foundersLarry Page and Sergey Brin.Semel propose for paying only $7 million annually on Google search technology.They replied that they wanted $1 billion and didn’t want to sell GoogleSemel said he would consider the deal and need time to think about the price.Fortunately in another dinner and Semel agreed to the $1 billion but alas Larry Page and Sergey Brin replied back with a higher demand of $3 billion and didn’t want to sell.
  6. Yahoo Music is a flop, they should have not ventured into the music selling business. It is too crowded.
  7. Yahoo Messenger is now a portal for viruses. They have to do something about this or else people will look for alternatives and will turn away from YM.Yahoo messenger is quite popular and yahoo should consider this too be under their special Research and development labs.
  8. They did not successfully venture into social networking.(Yahoo mashwas another FAIL) – updated (thanks to kevin)
  9. In the near future cloud computing will be the name of the game but Yahoo did not have any moves to conceptualize a cloud-computing environment.
  10. Yahoo did not venture into the mobile phone business. It is one of the biggest gadgets today and in the future.People want to be free and mobile and yahoo should consider this seriously.
These mistakes will never stop the company from moving forward so there is still a bright future for Yahoo.