Now write your name in chinese

I  dont think so its correct way for writing Chinese words... bt just wanted to share... :)


  1. omg, that is so wrong, who thought up that chart?
    I keep seeing it in tattoo shops and all over the web.
    I am telling you right now that there is no alphabet chart for English letters into Chinese characters!
    A Chinese character is a word.
    Each one of those in the chart is a different word.
    Each stroke is part of a word, just like letters are part of a word.
    A name has to be roughly translated into a somewhat close Chinese word, or multiple words. Not that chart, that is awful that is a joke.

    1. Yes its wrong, shared as a funny post!
      Thanks KikyouStorm for the comment.

  2. LOL! People are going to be getting some messed-up tattoos if they use this chart. Ha ha ha!

  3. oh my god this is just fucking wrong......