September 16, 2009

Palm Pixi is Official, joins the webOS family

palm-pixi_heroPalm announced the Pixi last week and its the latest entrant to the webOS family of handsets. The official announcement indicated that is phone is coming out this Q4 on Sprint in USA. The phone promises the same kick-ass UI as the Pre with Multitasking,Synergy for Contacts, Notifications and Search. From the looks of this phone it looks like an elongated version of the Centro with a touchscreen.


320×400 Touchscreen

2 MP Camera with LED Flash



8GB Memory

3.5mm audio port , microUSB port

Thickness: 10.85mm its the thinnest palm phone ever !

The handset would sell at a price of $149.99 with a contract. We seriously hope Palm releases GSM versions of thse phones outside the USA

Omnia HD Price Drop Alert

Some good news for all you folks looking forward to buy the Samsung Omnia HD . The price of the Omnia HD is now only Rs.27600 approx . The phone was launched in India for Rs.33990 some time back and there was a lot of confusion around the blogosphere about the 1GHz CPU in the Indian variant. If you wondered if the OmniaHD and i8190 were two different models , you must be joking. Its high time Handset manufacturers make it easier for consumers to remember product namessamsung-omnia-hd

HTC Hero Live Pics

The HTC Hero has been launched in India and you might know that the Hero is the first android phone to sport the SenseUI. You might have already seen the unboxing pics and video. But now here are exclusive picture of the phone courtesy of a Chinese mobile site – mobile01.

After looking at the pics , which color do you like ? the Brown or the White ?

Sony Walkman Unwired

Well you might think what is this heart shaped gadget doing on a mobile blog ? You might heard about the gadget below - Sony Walkman Unwired either online or seen the promos on TV. Some users had a doubt if this was a bluetooth headset . The NWZ-W202 is a wireless Walkman MP3 player from Sony and it looks very similar to a wireless headset for your phone but its NOT
The wearable walkman mp3 player sits around your neck and you don’t have to carry your wired earphones.


2 GB Memory

Store uptp 480 songs

Quick charge

13.5mm EX Headphones

12 hr battery life with full charge

Audio formats supported : MP3 , WMA , AAC

The mp3 player comes in 5 colors – Black , White , Green , Violet and Pink in case you want to gift your girlfriend.
The price :

Innovative gadgets don’t come cheap. This player would cost Rs.4990 . For just 2GB of memory this is expensive for sure. But then its a great gadget to show-off . And to all folks who were thinking this is a Bluetooth headset hope we managed to clear your doubts. And if anyone of you have one or end up getting one do post your review in the comments.

Nokia 5800 Users in India will get New Firmware Update in October

nokia-5800-xpressmusic-0Some good news for all 5800 users in India. Nokia will be offering a firmware update for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic by early October. We got this info from a very reliable source at Nokia India. It would coincide with the release of the N97 mini in the market and also the v2.0 update for the N97

Not much is known about the change log of the new firmware but we guess it might bring kinetic scrolling to lists like we saw in the 5230 video. While we dig deeper for more info . Let us know if you are happy with the firmware updates for your 5800 so far and do you have any problems with the phone ?

Western Digital offers new My Books

wd-mbeIf you are in the market for an external hard drive as a backup solution, then you won’t go too wrong with offerings from Western Digital. This time round, the company has rolled out smaller and sleeker devices – the My Book Essential and the My Book for Mac external hard drives that will ensure all your data remains safe and sound thanks to the new WD SmartWare software and hardware-based encryption. These new devices are able to offer information concerning your data in a software control center, letting you sleep soundly at night knowing that your collection of photos, videos and files are properly protected. Regardless of whether you’re getting the new My Book Essential or My Book for Mac drive, either model will come in capacities ranging from 500 GB to 2 TB.

       Using either model is a snap – all you need to do is hook it up via USB 2.0 and watch it go, where a first time plug in will result in the simple and intuitive first backup process which will run automatically. It comes with a real-time visual interface of the WD SmartWare software to let you see which files are heading off where for a more reassuring view, making it perfect for first timers. After the initial backup, all of a user’s files will be automatically backed up each time they modify or add a file. In addition, both the My Book Essential and My Book for Mac drives will also come with user-selected password protection that relies on military-grade 256-bit hardware encryption in order to make it harder for folks to access your data should the unfortunate event of losing or getting your My Book stolen. Nice to see Western Digital throw in a more upmarket feature in a reasonably priced device.
      Both the new My Book Essential drives will come in 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities, retailing anywhere from $99.99 to $249.99.

802.11n finally official

80211nAt last, the long suffering 802.11n draft standard has been made official, and is released from its draft prison with the IEEE finally ratified the latest longer range, higher speed version of the wireless standard. This move took a good seven years since the process kicked off, and a couple of years after the final draft was approved with a slew of hardware companies following suit by releasing 802.11n gear to the market. Makes us wonder what took them so long to review and approve this standard to move it up from draft. Well, all said and done, we would like to give the old proverb a handshake as it tells us “better late than never!”

Remote Buddy helps you find lost remotes

I haven’t ever heard of a single person who hasn’t lost their remote at least a few times. I’m sure there are some out there, but they are few and far between. Myself, I have a couch that will try to eat anything you place on it, remotes included. I usually know to check inside of the couch to find the remote again, so that is one advantage. If you’re in a household with a big family though, losing track of a remote would be pretty easy. Which is where this Remote Buddy would be helpful, it makes it possible to page your remotes, so you can find them again.

 It has a spot for four different remotes to sit in the device and then a cup holder that can be clipped to either side of the Remote Buddy. It comes with a total of four color coded receivers that attach to the back of each remote control. Not only will it give a designated spot to lay your remotes, when it’s not placed there you can push a button to make the receiver on the remote chime so that you can find it. This isn’t exactly a gadget for those that are down to one remote, but it would help out those that have a whole mess of remotes. You can purchase it for $39.98

Kwikset’s Electronic locks email you when opened

Kwikset SmartCode sidebyside-thumb-550x451-23995I haveto admit that I don’t know what it is actually like to have been burglarized, but I occasionally feel the slight fear of robbery when I am away from my home for extended periods of time.

       If only I had a way to check if someone has entered my home. I suppose that I could get a camera that is connected wirelessly to the Internet and point it at my front door, or I could use Kwikset’s locking mechanism.
       These electronic locksets by Kwikset work with Control4 and the Schlage LiNK system to send you an email when someone enters the door (with the correct combination, of course).
       So I suppose that this system would be a good way to police the people who come and go to your door with the proper combination. In other words, it’s probably made for parents with latchkey kids, and not a burglar alarm. Unless the burglar is smart enough to steal the code from you somehow. I wonder if it could be programed to send a message when someone inputs the wrong code.
       Both the Control4 and Schlage systems can be programmed for other functions, such as operating the lights, television, or even window shades. The Schlage locks cost about $200, and about $13 per month for the email notification.

Kymera Magic Wand let people watch TV magically …

With this This Kymera Wand changing channels is downright magical
With this This Kymera Wand changing channels is downright magical

          While some may think that the Kymera Magic Wand remote control may make them feel like Harry Potter, but don’t be eager to scream “expeliarmus,” because they’re actually more like Galen from the doomed TV series Crusade.
          Galen was a technomage, that is, a being who uses technology to give the appearance of magic. So, when a viewer using the Magic Wand to change the channel with a flick or the wrist, they are doing just that, using technology to create a desired effect and giving the appearance of magic. Then again, any remote can do that, so we’re already technomages. What are we talking about again?
          In addition to changing channels with the flick of the wrist, there are twelve other gestures with which to do such things as adjust the volume (clockwise motion for up, flick left or right for track skip of the show, counter clockwise for down), and custom gestures such as pushing back and forth or tapping which can be programmed to adjust picture quality, or choose a favorite channel, even recording from your DVR.

The wand learns almost any function of a standard remote control and promises to be very simple to program. There’s even a practice mode to get better at using the wand without affecting the TVs picture settings – which is important if you’re planning to join the technomage guild later in the future.

Cost is about $100. Crusade or Harry Potter DVD set not included.

New Hot Plate goes hi-tech

A high tech hot plate with both speed and safety in mind.A high tech hot plate with both speed and safety in mind.

Kids heading off to college who don’t want to spend all their money at the college commissary may want to check out this HiTech hot plate, known as the Fagor Portable Induction Cookstop.
Both Stylish and Safe
Both Stylish and Safe

The Cookstop is more energy efficient and heats up faster than conventional coil hot plate models. But contrary to those coil models, the Fagor Induction Cookstop doesn’t heat the air around the heating element, thereby keeping inadvertent skin burns to a minimum (not to mention dorm room fires due to forgetting to turn it off).
Safe to the touch, the Cookstop needs a magnetic connection to heat.Safe to the touch, the Cookstop needs a magnetic connection to heat.

The Cookstop needs a magnetic connection with posts and pans in order to complete a circuit and heat up the dish, so simply taking off the pot or pan will cause the Cookstop to simply pause in heating until the circuit is once again closed.
In addition to its safety features, the Cookstop heats far quicker. According to one reviewer, the Cookstop violently boiled a full post of water in under 5 minutes. But speed and safety aren’t just their only features, as the Fagor Portable Induction Cookstop has give different heating levels.
Cost is $200

Limited edition Steampunk Nixie Clock

nixie32exFor those of you that enjoy all that is steampunk, you’ll have a slight chance to get the clock shown here. It’s definitely a slim chance, but if you have the cash and hurry, you might be able to get your hands on one. Then you can tell everyone that you own a limited edition clock that practically no one else owns. It’s always fun to have something to make you superior, plus it’s also nice that it tells the time.

          Let’s face it, you aren’t that excited over a clock. You’re likely more excited over something that’s steampunk that just happens to be a clock. As far as clocks go though, this one is pretty cool. The clock portion of it does have an alarm, plus it can show you the date. It’s made out of solid copper and polished brass. Of course you’ll have to hurry to get your hands on one since these are limited edition. There will only ever be a total of 10 of these in existence. You’ll also have to contact them to find out just how much this clock by Kev Stenning will cost you.

3rd generation iPod touch has 802.11n Wi-Fi chip

broadcomThe folks at iFixit decided to get their hands dirty by performing an autopsy of sorts on a new 3rd generation iPod touch, and their findings have been surprising to say the least. First of all, they discovered that this latest device has a Broadcom BCM4329FKUBG wireless chip in its chassis, making it very possible for the iPod touch to function on 802.11n wireless networks without missing a beat. In addition, it also comes with a a Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and a FM receiver and transmitter, alongside some space for a camera in the same vein as an iPod nano. Talk about leaving room for the future, eh? While you can’t take advantage of 802.11n support at the moment, hopefully future Apple updates will fix that.

Motorola unveils CLIQ

motorola-cliqMotorola has released its latest Android handset – the CLIQ that will boast MOTOBLUR (not very bright, eh), the first and only solution to synchronize contacts, posts, messages and photos among others from a variety of sources including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, work and personal e-mail, and LastFM, where all of these will be delivered right to your home screen in a jiffy. All content is fed into easy-to-manage streams, freeing up more time and space for you to live out your life to the fullest. Just in case you thought the CLIQ looks familiar, that is because this is known as the Motorola DEXT outside of the US.

     Let’s take a look at the hardware first before we move on to the software, and the Motorola CLIQ does not disappoint as initial impressions seem to be rather favorable, as the CLIQ maintains the solid build-up of previous Motorola handsets. Being a QWERTY slider, it will feature a full HTML browser for you to stay connected online via Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, while a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus capability lets you snap great looking photos under good lighting conditions, letting you upload them to photo sharing or social sites in a jiffy. In addition, you can play back YouTube videos wherever you are, while the inclusion of a 3.5mm headset jack lets you hook up just about any pair of headphones to enjoy your favorite tunes.
    As for MOTOBLUR, your entire range of conversation threads, friend updates, stories, links, photos and more will be delivered to live widgets on the home screen automatically, doing away with the need to dabble with numerous open applications and menus simultaneously. This gives you unprecedented ease of use to stay updated with your friends’ status updates all the time, instantly, while allowing you to filter through email as they come in, whether to reply those or not. You can also blast your social network status straight from the home screen without individually updating them manually, while news feeds keep you in the loop of the latest happenings. Good times could come back for Motorola with the CLIQ and MOTOBLUR, so do keep a lookout ofr it in Q4 this year.

Telekinetic Obstacle Course

Show the world that you literally use your brain with the Telekinetic Obstacle Course, where it requires one to focus brain waves to maneuver a ball through the obstacle course right in front of you. Pretty unnerving, right? Now you get a semblance of how telekinesis feels like, making you wonder just how infinitely more powerful fictional mutants like Psylocke or Jean Grey handle this experience.

       A headband and two earlobe clips measure theta wave activity produced by your brain (similar to EEG monitoring technology used by medical professionals). As you relax and concentrate, the headband sends a wireless signal (based on your mental commands) to the game’s air fan, which increases or decreases its speed, suspending or lowering a foam ball; a knob enables you to turn the gameboard in order to move the ball through one of eight obstacles, including hoops, teeter-totters, baskets, or chutes. The obstacles may be interchanged; includes nine total obstacles.
Powered by a quartet of C batteries and a trio of AAA batteries, the Telekinetic Obstacle Course would make for a nice present this Christmas for $99.95.

LED Neon Sphere Bottle Stoppers

If you’re planning on having a party, then here’s a little extra mood lighting for the event. It’s a little more subtle than strings upon strings of lights, but it’s not quite what many would call classy. They would be neat to have though if you had a table of bottles lined up that needed bottle stoppers. They’ll be especially great for those of you with a thing for bright neon lights, since these do at least mimic neon lighting.
         The bottle stoppers are battery powered and although they don’t actually say what type of batteries are needed, the batteries are included upon purchasing these little lights. Each one of these comes in a bundle of three with three different colors. You don’t actually get to choose a set of all the same color. The colors you’ll get are red, blue and green. Although, frankly the red does look a touch on the pink side of things. You can purchase the set of 3 for $19.99 from Perpetual Kid.

Elecom Soap Mouse won’t clean hands

SOPA_MOUSE_1When one hears of a soap mouse, most would just figure it’s some geeky mouse shaped soap. After all, there have been a few different mouse shaped soap bars that have hit the market. Well this mouse is the exception to the rest, it’s a mouse made to resemble soap. You might be wondering why someone would create a mouse that looks like soap and it’s a valid question. Although, finding out just where this mouse is being sold, pretty much explains everything.
Yes, this is another strange product straight out of Japan. To be a touch more specific, these are coming from Japan’s Elecom. This USB mouse won’t make your computer gadgets sanitary, but it does function just like any other normal mouse. It appears the design is actually pretty new, so there isn’t a whole lot of purchase information out there. Even if there was pricing info on it though, it’d be difficult to get your hands on if you’re living outside of Japan.

Petcare Robot: Play with your pet from a distance

petcare-robotThe first time I saw this picture, I thought someone took an alien head and mounted it on the body of a UFO. In reality, this is the PetCare robot, a mobile webcam that allows you to monitor your pet from a distance.

       I know when I leave my dog alone for a while, I would feel better if he was occupied by playing with this toy rather than chewing up my garbage. This is assuming that I have nothing better to do on my vacation than operate this toy on the Internet.
       Not only is this camera/toy mobile by remote control through the Internet, but the ball that it bears is also remote control as well. In fact, the ball can be charged in the mobile camera itself. I’m not certain how the robot can be charged, or if it can be charged from a distance.
      This device is fitted with infrared lenses so that you can see your pet in the dark. The lenses also have covers so your pet’s drool won’t damage the electric peepers. The only question I have is: what happens when your pet tips it over?
      Well, the PetCare robot is only a concept for now, but personally, it really is a step in the right direction for pet care from a distance.

Riddex Talking Dog Collar does double duty

Most dog collars have shiny metal dog tags listing where the dog comes from and lets whoever know that’s found him that they are up to date on their shots. This one lets people know in a slightly different way. Instead of reading something, it tells it out loud. Which does seem a little silly, but it does even more than that. It also makes sure to keep your dog pest free and comfortable.

                            The collar uses safe ultrasonic pulses that will repel any fleas from attaching themselves to your dog. It’s an odd way to get rid of fleas, but if it works then it’d save you money on having to apply something on a regular basis. The message you’ll record yourself and you can give any of the information necessary to help someone return your pet to you. It doesn’t state how long of a message you leave, but you’ll have enough room for basic info. When you purchase this the batteries are included and it will cost you

Bing Visual Search: An Awesome Search Engine for iPhone Apps

              Bing iPhone 1 Bing recently launched a new feature called Visual Search through which you could search for any gadget/movie/books etc visually, whose names you finding it difficult to remember.

              So you might ask, how is this relevant in a Mobile blog? Well, Bing’s Visual Search has a specific section for iPhone apps as well wherein you can find applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch without opening up the iTunes App Store.
               Just head over to Top iPhone Apps section in Bing’s Visual Search Website and then hover over any app for its Name, Description, Price, Popularity and Release Date. You can also check out the various sections on the sidebar of the website such as Top 10 Free Apps, Top 10 Paid Apps, Newest Apps, Most Expensive Apps etc.
You can also narrow down to your search by preferred category viz Books, Business, News, Productivity, Entertainment, Games, Social Networking etc
Bing iPhone 2
Bing iPhone 5
Bing iPhone 4
Bing iPhone 3
Bing iPhone 6
In the case of paid apps, you can also narrow down the apps based on a price range in which you are looking out for. And Voila! You then will have all the apps in that specific category from which you can choose from, to download onto your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Download Aardvark Mobile iPhone App for Free, Uses Push Notifications

We just heard from the folks at Aardvark that they have launched their mobile iPhone app and its available for free on the App Store. Whats Aardvark ? Its a cool IM based Social Search application where users share their expertise for free. You can either Ask or Answer questions from your friends or other users. This used to work over Chat but now they have extended their offerings with a cool iPhone app which brings almost all the features of Aardvark to your iPhone / iPod.aardvark-push

I just asked a question on my iPod about the N900 shipping date.
The app says it will alert you via PUSH notification if it finds an answer. I quit the app and go back to the homescreen.

Within 2 mins I get an notification that Sven has answered my question already. I click on View and it opens the app and shows the answer from Sven below my question.
Hit the [iTunes link] to download on your PC or you can search for Aardvark on the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch running 3.0 software as this app is tailor made for the 3.0+ iPhone OS

          And if you shake your phone the app looks for a new question you can answer. So if you consider yourself an expert in any topic . Do share your knowledge on Aardvark (which happens to also be the name of a African mammal.) As a bonus the app has a shake feature which looks for a new question you can answer
         The app is really worth a download and you might need an account to get started. Do let us know if you need invites as we have plenty of them.

Nokia CLIPit Concept Phone

Nokia CLIPit is a very interesting concept device. It is a device which will blow your minds away if it does become a reality. Engineers say it may be possible in the near future hinting even 2010!

The major features of the device include:

Finger-Print Reader

Touchpad Dot-Matrix Display

Handsfree Design

12 inch Touchscreen

Designers: Ziba Hemmati, Mohammad Zamani, Mir Kazem khalifezadeh, Rasul Shokrani & Ali Khajuee

No more specifications or details are known and we dont think it is needed since it is only a concept phone. The above mentioned features are however elaborated in the official site if you wish to take a read.

Nokia N86 to have face detection in future firmware update!

AAS is reporting that Nokia’s camera flagship is to have the face detection feature in its next firmware upgrade. This feature, if it is implemented, will enable the N86, as the name suggests, detect a face and increase focus over it. Face Detection has long been available to samsung devices and now for the first time on a Nokia device.  Have a look at the screenshot below for further proof.

The screenshot on the left  is from a yet to be released firmware update.
Other notable changes are improvements in camera quality.

LG and Qualcomm Announce the LG GM730

lg-gm730-00LG and Qualcomm collaborate to launch the 3G enabled LG GM730 in India. It is one of the most awaited handsets in India. It is a touchscreen phone with a candybar form-factor.

It’s features include:

109.8 x 56.5 x 11.9 mm

3.0″TFT Resistive Screen with 240*400 Resolution and S-Class Touch UI

GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro-USB

micro-SD Card Slot Supporting Upto 16GB Cards

5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, Schneider-Kreuznach optics, autofocus, Secondary Videocall Camera

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, 528MhZ Processor

GPS with A-GPS Support

FM Radio, 1000mAH Battery

LG GM730 launch coincides with the opening of LG Application Store, which expands the capability of LG’s Smartphones. Currently there are 1400+ apps available out of which more than 100 are available free of charge to LG handset users. The quick key on LG Smart Home Screen provides easy one touch access to LG Application Store.

September 15, 2009

Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N97 Comparison Pics

You must have seen the N97 vs iPhone 3G Pictures But here is a photo gallery showing the comparison between the Apple iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97. Well the 3GS is not much different from the 3G in terms of external hardware. The internal hardware had some great improvements including a faster CPU and more RAM for apps. The N97 is a great device and beats the iPhone in most departments except the apps and the UI. The iPhone offers some of the best apps on the mobile platform and takes the mobile user experience to a whole new level.

The iPhone uses a finger friendly capacitive touchscreen whereas N97 uses a stylus friendly Resistive touchscreen display. Both technologies have their own pros and cons. One tends to appreciate the responsiveness of the iPhone screen but curses the misspellings due to the unintentional presses recorded. The N97’s display on the other hand works like a charm with the stylus but demands a lot more pressure from your fingers and its not as responsive as the iPhone’s screen. But firmware updates seem to have improved the N97’s touch feature quite a bit

AT&T slowly rolling out MMS to its customers. 2 weeks earlier

Good news for our US iPhone readers. AT&T are slowly rolling out MMS for it’s customers. That’s 2 whole weeks ahead of the announced 25th September day. MMS support should be available slowly for all their customers, since at the moment, very few people have reported that their MMS has been activated.