Kymera Magic Wand let people watch TV magically …

With this This Kymera Wand changing channels is downright magical
With this This Kymera Wand changing channels is downright magical

          While some may think that the Kymera Magic Wand remote control may make them feel like Harry Potter, but don’t be eager to scream “expeliarmus,” because they’re actually more like Galen from the doomed TV series Crusade.
          Galen was a technomage, that is, a being who uses technology to give the appearance of magic. So, when a viewer using the Magic Wand to change the channel with a flick or the wrist, they are doing just that, using technology to create a desired effect and giving the appearance of magic. Then again, any remote can do that, so we’re already technomages. What are we talking about again?
          In addition to changing channels with the flick of the wrist, there are twelve other gestures with which to do such things as adjust the volume (clockwise motion for up, flick left or right for track skip of the show, counter clockwise for down), and custom gestures such as pushing back and forth or tapping which can be programmed to adjust picture quality, or choose a favorite channel, even recording from your DVR.

The wand learns almost any function of a standard remote control and promises to be very simple to program. There’s even a practice mode to get better at using the wand without affecting the TVs picture settings – which is important if you’re planning to join the technomage guild later in the future.

Cost is about $100. Crusade or Harry Potter DVD set not included.