Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N97 Comparison Pics

You must have seen the N97 vs iPhone 3G Pictures But here is a photo gallery showing the comparison between the Apple iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97. Well the 3GS is not much different from the 3G in terms of external hardware. The internal hardware had some great improvements including a faster CPU and more RAM for apps. The N97 is a great device and beats the iPhone in most departments except the apps and the UI. The iPhone offers some of the best apps on the mobile platform and takes the mobile user experience to a whole new level.

The iPhone uses a finger friendly capacitive touchscreen whereas N97 uses a stylus friendly Resistive touchscreen display. Both technologies have their own pros and cons. One tends to appreciate the responsiveness of the iPhone screen but curses the misspellings due to the unintentional presses recorded. The N97’s display on the other hand works like a charm with the stylus but demands a lot more pressure from your fingers and its not as responsive as the iPhone’s screen. But firmware updates seem to have improved the N97’s touch feature quite a bit