Remote Buddy helps you find lost remotes

I haven’t ever heard of a single person who hasn’t lost their remote at least a few times. I’m sure there are some out there, but they are few and far between. Myself, I have a couch that will try to eat anything you place on it, remotes included. I usually know to check inside of the couch to find the remote again, so that is one advantage. If you’re in a household with a big family though, losing track of a remote would be pretty easy. Which is where this Remote Buddy would be helpful, it makes it possible to page your remotes, so you can find them again.

 It has a spot for four different remotes to sit in the device and then a cup holder that can be clipped to either side of the Remote Buddy. It comes with a total of four color coded receivers that attach to the back of each remote control. Not only will it give a designated spot to lay your remotes, when it’s not placed there you can push a button to make the receiver on the remote chime so that you can find it. This isn’t exactly a gadget for those that are down to one remote, but it would help out those that have a whole mess of remotes. You can purchase it for $39.98