Lenovo Targets the Enterprise Market with New ThinkPad Tablet

It is safe to assume that the highest selling gadget of the current year is the Apple’s iPad.  The iPad has broken several other gadgets sales records by selling more than 3 million pieces in a matter of 80 days since its launch early this year. With the rise in demand of a new gadget with improved features, comfortable and portable use; there is bound to be competition in the newly made space in the market for that gizmo.
Many electronics companies are already gearing towards launching their own versions of ThinkPads, many are already available in the market alongside the iPads while some are in the offing. ThinkPads are the new age devices used by businesses which require storage of large amount of data storage, office apps and constant connectivity especially when the personnel are regular travellers.
The size coupled with features makes it attractive and user friendly for a buyer who is interested in travelling light and aims for an all inclusive portable device for his jobs. Lenovo Think Product Group’s Sr. VP has hinted the media that they are also targeting the enterprise market with their version of ThinkPad. He further explained that for ThinkPad league of products, the general user requirements can be summarised three simple things like longer battery life, high input capabilities and better usability.
Lenovo has an established base to create a product on the line of a ThinkPad since in the recent past its tablet design models like IdeaPad U1 hybrid and LePad have been well accepted and appreciated for its form. Laptops may still continue to remain a favourite amongst those who choose affordability over comfort.
Laptops are being sold off the shelves perhaps not at the rate at which it used before the notebook and tablet invaded its market space. The idea is to have a mobile workstation for the personnel who are always on the move. Making presentations through an impressive gadget is always convenient and also exciting.
With Apple’s iPad still a first choice for many tablet buyers and Dell’s new Streak tablet with phone features; Lenovo’s tablet will find stiff competition in the tablet market space. Lenovo must acquire its market share possibly by enhancing or introducing some new exciting apps and features perhaps some of them even for free at least during the introductory phase of the product. Since, Lenovo intends to tab into the enterprise market; certain software and apps specifically designed to cater to that segment will definitely attract eyeballs to their new product.
The evolution of desktop PC to portable laptops, notebook and now tablet; technology continues to inspire better lifestyle with competitive options for all available in market. Choices are definitely countless and more brands are getting added to the market as you read this article. Technology seems to have enhanced the pace of time itself. All gadgets have been evolved and modified to enhance overall productivity and also to make our work life easier and fun.