God Speaks Quiet !!

God Speaks Quiet !!

Have you ever heard a quiet voice
deep down within your being,
A voice so soft, still, and calm,
it stops and sends fear fleeing?

It comes in times of trouble,
when things appear most grim.
Other times it comes for no other reason
than to let us know it comes from Him.

God tells us things so simply stated,
it's hard to misunderstand.
Yet the things He speaks go against the flesh,
but exposes His loving hand.

He sometimes gives us answers,
for which we desperately seek.
Other times, He gives the words
He wants us to earnestly speak.

Have you ever been utterly confused
not knowing which way to go,
Then suddenly the choice becomes so clear,
you wonder how you didn't know?

Has there ever arisen a crisis,
leaving you anxious with an unresolved need;
Only to have things suddenly go into reverse
and from the crisis you're freed?

Not only does God speak to us
in His still small voice,
He actively moves to accomplish His will;
giving us reason to rejoice.

That soft calm voice has given me peace,
each time I've been overwhelmed by fear.
When I listen closely, He always speaks
the exact words I need to hear.

And when I find myself in trouble,
He always hears my unspoken plea.
He comes in and sets things right,
and His perfect will I'm able to see.

I'm in a crisis as I sit and write this,
and it's totally beyond my control.
The circumstances are overwhelming.
Yet, there's peace inside my soul.

No matter what the outcome,
there's one thing I'm certain of -
I've heard the quiet voice of God,
assuring me of His love.