SpaceX, SpaceVR to send VR camera into space, to bring 'astronaut-like' experience

The virtual reality technology—which lets you escape into another world through a blackout headset—is all set to take you to ‘another world’ of astronauts from the earth.  

A start-up, named Space VR, at present involves itself in sending and creating virtual reality into space. The firm intends to bring back space footage to the general public and distribute it through different channels and make available through a VR headsets including the HTC Vibe and the Oculus Rift.

To launch the VR camera into space, SpaceVR has teamed up with SpaceX. The camera will ride on one of SpaceX’s launches in August to get into low Earth orbit, Mashable reported.

The camera will ride on one of SpaceX’s launches in August to get into low Earth orbit

Once it reaches there, the camera will record two-three hours of 360-degree footage per month over the course of nine months. After completing nine-months, the device will fall back to Earth and burn up during re-entry. However, all the recorded footage by it will then have been transmitted via X and S band microwave radio transmission while the device is in orbit .

As far as the money is concerned, SpaceVR does have a kickstarter. Last year, it raised $1.25 million; the majority of its funding came for China’s Shanda Group.

“I saw what happened to the astronauts after that experience. I saw them as being much better people, much more connected to other people [as a result of] seeing our place in the universe. I realised that once that happens to everyone, we'll fundamentally live in a different world as a species, because we'll all think differently. My goal is to catalyze that [astronaut experience] by sending this VR camera into space so people can really see what it's like,” SpaceVR's CEO, Ryan Holmes told Mashable.

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