These 8 Wearable Tech Startups Keeping Tabs on Your Moves

Winning wearables

 There's more to self-trackers than giants like Fitbit and Apple. From perfecting your yoga pose to translating foreign languages, meet eight startups making a mark on the wide world of wearables. - Do-it-all device
Paris-based has designed small sensors, called "peanuts," that can do everything from tracking your sleep cycle to measuring your temperature to securing your stuff. Go ahead, take a cat nap at the airport.

Tile - Attach and track

Tile's location tracker can be attached to just about anything you like. Think, keys, a phone, a purse. TechCrunch reports that the San Mateo, California startup made $100 million in revenue in 2016 after selling 10 million units.

Waverly Lab's Pilot - Travel buddy

Waverly Lab's Pilot, a smart earpiece translator, works in mere seconds, says the New York City startup. After raising more than $4.4 million during a 2016 crowdfunding campaign, the earpiece is expected to go on sale for $299 this fall.

WiseWear - On trend

San Antonio's WiseWear makes sleek smart bracelets that can track a user's physical activity and mobile notices. It can also alert specific contacts when its wearer is in distress, though it comes at a hefty price at $295.

Rythm - Sleeping on the job

Rythm, based in Paris and San Francisco, makes the Dreem headband, which tracks a user's sleep patterns using artificial intelligence. After a successful beta test, a final version is expected in the fall, going for $500 a pop.

Sensoria's smart apparel - Fast fashion

Based in Redmond, Washington, Sensoria's smart apparel, which includes sport bras and shirts, can monitor heart rate. Its socks can track steps, distance and even a person's gait. The machine washable gear starts at $69. 

Nadi X yoga pants - Find your inner zen


NYC's WearableX recently released its "Nadi X" yoga pants. The yoga pants, which cost $299, help users ensure they get the most out of their yoga routine by vibrating whenever a pose is done incorrectly.

Revolar - Safe travels

Denver's Revolar makes a clippable device that users can attach to their clothing and help notify contacts of their location if they feel they're in danger. The product is sold online at various outlets, starting at $60.
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