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1. (n) surplus energy
usage: vaadiki konchem doola ekkuva!
2. (adj) possessing surplus energy
usage: vaadu oka doola gaadu!
3. (n) any activity aimed at venting out surplus energy
usage: enduku vaadiki aa doola?

Usage:vaadu picha thopu
Related words: Thurum

The act of undercurrent humiliation in the guise of
cloyingly psychopathic praise.
Usage: ma manager gadu dobbutunnadura babu......

1) Idea ported to pakka South Indian village english.
usage : orei nuvvu cheppina avidea valla nenu eeroju vaadi daggara nunchi thappinchukunnara.

A person who is considered good for nothing, but does things that are
usually unusual.Found in large numbers between the age group 15-25 in big vilages,towns and even in cities.
Root word: Poramboku.
Usage: adoo pedda boku raa..
Related words:Gaali.

1)(noun) An unending saga of irrelevant gossiping, encompassing a plethora of topics like
Cricket, Cinema, Politics, College, Gals, Boys and almost anything under the sun,barring Studies.
Usage: aapandra babu mee sollu..
2)(v) Secretion of saliva (of men) on seeing a girl/woman.
Usage: aa na koduku pilla ni chuste sollu karustadu ra!!
Related words: Sollugadu

Nee Enkamma: (interjection)
1)A word that used by most telugu ppl involuntarily esp. when irritated by somebody or something.
Origin: Considered to be coined by brahmanandam in chitram bhalare vichitram.
Related words: Nee yabba,nee ayya, …….

Racha cheyyi:(v)
meaning: A verb that is used to convey happiness in doing an act with ecstasy, do it  with extraordinary happiness
baboi..maama ikkada nuvvu levu kada..inka vaadu racha chesestunnadu.

Lite teesko:(v)
Ignore every thing and chill out.
Usage: enduku basu feel avutavu. Lite teesko.
Picha Lite(v)(i):
Ignore all and care nothing.
Usage: edaina picha lite anavachu.

Keka: (adj,interjection)
Used to describe something toooooooooooooooo gud.
Usage: kotha dressaa? Keka.
Related words: Katti, Kevvu.