Nasty SMS Making Rounds!!!

There was a time when SMS was all about sending important messages and keeping things short. But these days, SMS are all about sending nasty message and keeping things long. Well, a nasty SMS is currently making rounds and this time the targets are the sportswomen Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal.

The message goes “Why is Sania jealous about Saina?..
Ans: Sania plays with balls but Saina with cocks”.

 To those who are practical prank players, they have treated this with a pinch of salt and heartily laughing about it. But there are also those who find this to be rather lewd and personally attacking.

While some say it is not right to target the important sports celebrities, the other group is all about taking things on a lighter vein. Few cine folks say “When someone like Balayya and Chiranjeevi are not spared, girls like Sania and Saina are no exceptions. Just enjoy the joke folks!!”