The smart socks that every runner needs

'Sensoria smart socks' are designed for runners. They reportedly feature pressure sensors that connect to an app via Wi-Fi. Use the app to monitor your form, speed, and stamina. It also includes audio and video feedback to improve your running technique. The socks and anklet combo go for $199.

In fact, the new Sensoria Smart Running Shoes will provide you with both visual and auditory biometric feedback in real-time.
Sensoria SRS will help you to reduce the risk of suffering those dreaded running injuries.

Their artificial intelligence coach, Mara, will monitor all your crucial metrics, including cadence, foot landing and impact forces. Simply download the Sensoria Run 2.0 mobile app, go for a run and let Sensoria SRS take care of the rest. With each run, you'll be able to compare yourself against your best self. 
The Sensoria Smart Running Shoe feature an Italian design and each one is hand stitched to ensure performance and long lasting quality. I believe that Sensoria SRS, our mobile app and web dashboard are a must-have system for distance runners. (Via sensoriafitness)