Beware of CTRL + C

Be careful while using ctl+c cmd.
when you are using it on internet
Its not the safe thing to do when you are online.
What happens when you press Ctrl+C while you are Online?
This copied data is stored in clipboard and is accessible from the net by a combination of Javascripts and ASP.
yes its true
if u dont believe me

Just try this:

1) Copy any text by Ctrl + C
2) Click the Link:

3) You will see the text you copied was accessed in the above address.
so please don't keep sensitive data (like passwords, credit
card numbers,PIN etc.)in the clipboard while surfing the web.

how to stop this?
You can stop other from hacking your clipboard content by doing this:
Go to internet options of explorer
tools menu ->Internet option -> Security Custom level
In settings - disable the option
allow past operations via script.