How to find invisible friends in Google Talk/Gmail

If you use Gmail or Google Talk for instant messaging, then you might have noticed that many of your friends choose to remain invisible while chatting with others. Previously we have written about finding invisible friends on Yahoo messengers .
You can also check invisible friends on Google talk or Gmail ,you just need to follow the following procedure:
  • Log into your Google Talk messenger with your gmail id .
  • Search the guy/gal you wish to check .
  • Click on his/her name ,then the chat box will appear.
  • Click on the dropdown at the top and then click on the Go Off the record.
  • Now write soemthing and post something .
  • Most of the times you will get a message like “ is offline and can’t receive messages right now.”  .
  • If you don’t get a message like the above,then it means the user is online and is not replying you .
  • Tested and working ,so go out and test .