Mailnator - Anonymous e-mail service : Espikes09

Mailnator is an anonymous e-mail service that is suited for those that require new e-mail addresses just for a moment. Unlike its contemporaries that rely on disposable inboxes, Malinator allows users to login to one of the countless inboxes that are already created on the server. Even basic security is thrown out the window, as these inboxes can be logged into without a password.
Furthermore, Malinator only accepts plain text and HTML, while discarding images and all attachments. So, as you can imagine, Malinator is advisable only when there is a need for an e-mail address that will be used only once by you. One way of getting a very thin layer of security is by coming up with the most uncommon name you can think of. Malinator servers will likely already have an inbox already by that name, and if not, one is created when the first mail hits the servers. Malinator is hopefully not something one would need every day, yet it is that same thing that makes it worthwhile to remember. (via technoholik)