Office Exercises to avoid Sleepiness

As a warm up, let's do some Tai Chi

Follow like this to ease your

neck & shoulder pai

Wa..wa.. aaa 

Move to the right

and then to the  left

After that, move to the left

and then to the right

Just follow. Don't force yourself to do 360 degrees, 180 degreeswill do. Bend down a bit like you gonna faint. Repeat a few times till you're bored

Grab anything on your desk and smash your head hard. If you are still sleepy smash harder

After that move your feet and swing your body a bit like this. Do it like it's nobody's business and remember to smile

Move your feet and body  just a bit like this....
Do it like there's no problem at all....

And now more aggressive!
Don't bother about what others say

Let go of all your stress...

If your boss ask what you are doing, move your head slowly like this and tell them you're dying in  the office

When your boss walked off,  get your colleague to join you and move your body like this. The more the merrier... 

Finally, dance like a cat

If you are still sleepy despite all these, just grab your small pillow and sleep under your desk.
Advice: Do This At Your Own  Risk