The Ambanivilla - Antilla ( World's Costliest House )

So how the new house of world’s fifth richest person would be? Can you imagine? How many floors it will contain? How many room it will have? So you must be having lot of questions since you must be thinking how new house of Mukesh Ambani will look like. House is being constructed in Mumbai’s Altamount Road. The house’s name is Antilla, is being valued at Rupees 4000 crores and will be 173 metres tall. It is equivalent to a 60 storeyed tower, but in this case each floor is more than twice the height of a normal floor, with the result that the building will only have 27 floors when completed.

Truth of the matter is that a group of architects built this home in Mumbai for Mukesh Ambani. The design comes from implementing the principles of Vaastu to maximize positive energy, this is similar to Chinese Feng Shui.  You won’t find 2 floor plants that are alike and each floor offers different materials in its creation.

The tower of 173 m in height, which rises until a splendid view of the Arabian Sea, is divided into 27 plants with all the comforts to which they are accustomed magnates: runways, elevators, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, gym , dance halls, cinemas, theaters, garages, spa, etc., and an easement comprising 600 employees. Six floors alone are allotted as parking spaces for Ambani’s fleet of luxury cars.
This modern building also has energy-saving systems and can withstand earthquakes of up to eight degrees.
In recent news however, this house is now under investigations by the Indian authorities for irregularities.  According to the report of the Wall Street Journal,
“…the government of Maharashtra state could launch an investigation after it was claimed that the 4,532 square meter plot on south Mumbai’s Altamount Road was originally intended to be used for an orphanage for Muslim children.
Mr. Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., bought the land from Currimbhoy Ebrahim Khoja Orphanage Trust for 215 million rupees ($4.88 million) in 2002, the reports said, adding that the deal was approved by the Mumbai charity commissioner.
However, they also said that permission for the land transfer wasn’t obtained from the Maharashtra State Wakf Board, which oversees Wakf land. In Islamic law, Wakf refers to property or land reserved for religious or charitable purposes.”