Cloud Computing - Why the buzz

Cloud computing is a style of computing that has gained momentum and been increasingly talked about  in the last couple of years but is something we have been using since the earliest days of the internet.

The central tenant of cloud computing is that you do not need to go through the time and expense of having lots of your own servers within your company, you can simply use the servers provided by specialist companies. This can be especially important for small and medium sized companies that do not have the resources to build their own server farm which can cope with spikes of traffic (did you know that it is estimated that Google operate a million servers?).

If you’re at all confused about whether Cloud Computing is the future, you should check out the stats.  I was amazed to see the stats on cloud computing. According to reports, Google eyes cloud computing market in India, and they are planning to hire 300 engineers in India for cloud computing.

Why Cloud Computing?

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