IT WAS by far the best decade for hair and make- up, thanks to new-age girls in Bollywood that gave the pancake a rest. Starting from Preity’s look in Dil Chahta Hai (2000), a new era began in Bollywood. 

Clean, fresh and youthful makeup combined with straight-out-of-bed natural hair, replaced the done to death hot-rollered and loud, garish look that defined the 90s. 

Even the runway saw a strict departure from all that’s pretty-pretty by keeping it more or less muted and au naturel. With a new decade comes a new look- book. It’s time to put to use the lessons well- learnt and take it a notch further. 

LIFESTYLE asks two experts to lay down the beauty rules for 2011 ... 


Skin radiating make up will be big. However, that doesn’t mean that dusky skin tones should try and look fairer. Every skin tone should look its natural and glowing best. In this day and age, with so much damage to the skin due to pollution, one needs products that will help you regain your original skin tone. The technology available today helps reduce pigmentation, evens out skin tone, discolouration, reduces effects of sun damage and protects form further UV damage. Using a radiant compact that matches your skin tone will also help give you that much needed glow and sheen. 


'Do good' lipsticks are the next big thing. The lipstick should not only offer great colour but also have protective and enhancing qualities. Use lipsticks that ensure protection from sun darkening, also keeping your lips hydrated and plump makes them look more youthful, try Lakme’s Lip-Love. 

Creamy matte lipsticks in floral shades like lilac, floral pink, orange and peaches will be front and centre in the coming seasons. Lastly, long wear lipsticks are also a must have; they are very convenient and they last throughout the day. 


Two-tone metallic eye shadows continue to keep the look glamourous, sexy and bold; they are here to stay. Look forward to a lot of focus and emphasis on bold and coloured eye make- up in 2011. One should experiment with colours, letting them take centre stage while making your own beauty statement. Let you individuality flutter out while you play with your favourite hues. 

We can expect a lot of play with green make-up, and it’s safe to say the new It eye shadow colour might just be green in all its shades. Lakme Eye Quartets offer a great variety of vibrant colours. 


There will be a lot of emphasis on playfulness and exuberance in 2011. Everything floral and related to nature is big in beauty. Bright and cheerful make- up is what will work best. Blush is back and rosy cheeks will be in vogue. Those deep, dark colours and shades are out. Browns should be played down and used in an understated manner. 


2010 is over and we are already thinking about 2011, well it’s true, this New Year is an exciting time for hair so many new products and innovations have been launched with such fantastic results. However one must remember that when it comes to following trends, we have to ensure that we understand that everyone’s face shape and lifestyle needs are all different. Like at kimrobinson salon it will always be about the individual and what suits them. 

Hence the "One size fits all" approach to hair is passé. Of course we all care what’s hot and what’s new, however there is so much more that needs to be taken into consideration. 


Keratin is the new Buzz word that is being talked about; more and more people should opt for the natural look and have a style that can be easily maintained. It works on a natural front, adding strength and bonding to the internal layers of your hair without any abrasive or aggression caused. This leaves the hair looking amazing, smooth and easy to manage without the nasty regrowth or side effects. Your smooth frizz free hair grows out with ease and you are not left with anything other than wonderfully easy to manage locks. 


As far as colour goes warm rich caramel tones and hues, honey browns and chestnut will be in vogue, all of which favour the Indian woman’s natural tones. Use multi shading techniques that will add texture and depth to your style and look without giving you high maintenance colour. Explore a new world of colour and showcase the new you this year! 


For 2011, hair should and is going to be worn shorter, which is always a good sign for the independent woman. Its soft geometric styling, luxurious volume has a cleanse- and- go ease. It’s a style that is impossibly chic and yet tantalisingly effortless. With its above- the- shoulder length, the Paris Bob perfectly highlights a swan- like neck, delicate bone structure and ballerina posture. This summer short is sexy. 


Men’s hair is going to showcase a more James Dean look; with shorter sides and added length on the top, to create variation. Thus giving multiple options for the modern man, to be corporate by day and having the versatility to be playful for whenever the need arises. All in all 2011 will be fun, change is good, so evolve your look and take a chance.