Copyright Offender? You May Have To Attend an 'Online Class' by YouTube

So, the next time you’re caught by Google violating copyright norms, you’d be asked to attend ‘YouTube’s Copyright School’ i.e. watch a video in this case. Yes, this is for real. Troubled with increasing, frequent instances of copyright violations, Google has adopted the ‘old school punishment’ way.
Watch out, or watch this!
Watch out, or watch this!

Hosted by a cartoon pirate character, Russell, who’s a frequent offender, the four-and-a-half minute video conducts a multiple choice quiz with the offenders where they’re asked questions pertaining to various aspects of copyright infringement. One of the questions asked being; if music videos and pictures are covered under copyright laws. 

Google, has been in the past pulling up offenders for the infringements, and subsequently barring them from accessing their YouTube accounts. They, however, have a second chance now. They could regain their access to their YouTube accounts by attending YouTube’s online class. The new amendments to the site begins with immediate effect. 

So, that does make the message ring loud and clear.