Google Adds Pagination to Docs

Google launched a new version of their Google document editor exactly a year ago, building a version that took advantage of what modern web browsers offered. Some of the new features that they rolled out was a ruler to make margins, wrap text to wrap around images and discussions for a more collaborative editing experience. Today, they're offering pagination, the ability to see visual pages on a screen. They're also using pagination and some of Chrome's abilities to improve the printing experience for Docs users. 

Pagination offers exactly what it sounds like it offers. Google's included page breaks in their docs which fill in as you're editing. Because of this, you can have headers on each page, instead of just the top of the document. You can also make manual page breaks and add footnotes to the bottom of pages. You can hide pagebreaks should you wish to by selecting 'Compact document view' in the View menu. 
Virtual Pages
Pagination brings more convenience to the cloud word processor

Pagination allows Google Docs to take advantage of printing capabilities that most modern browsers provide. Previously, Docs had to be converted to PDFs to be printed, however, now, documents can be printed right from Google Docs itself. With native printing abilities, the document you print will look exactly like the document on your screen. Pagination will be rolling out to everyone today and native printing will only be out to Chrome users temporarily but Google's hoping that other browsers implement the same web standard so everyone can enjoy native printing.