Magic Cricketing Moments: India vs Pakistan

altLong time arch rivals are all set for battle at Mohali. Considered as one of the most intense rivalries in the sporting world, India-Pakistan cricketing history is ripe with stories of love, hatred, compassion, political intrigue, entertainment, drama & intense euphoria.
This match, a complete ‘Masala‘ package, depicts the average Indian lifestyle. As we gear up for the ‘big game’ (it doesn’t get bigger than this), MensXP tries to relive a few memorable India vs Pakistan Controversial Cricketing Moments:
1. Javed Miandad - Kiran More, Benson and Hedges World Cup, Antipodes, 1992
Completely bizarre, and considered as one of the ugliest on-field spat in cricketing history;
The drama unfolded when Javed Miandad, the then main danger bastman for India, crictical to the match’s succes was on crease. To affect Miandad’s concentration - Indian wicket keeper Kiran More stepped up his trademark vociferous encouragement for the bowlers. He was heard shouting “well bowled” and other such remarks to his bowlers. This got on Miandad’s nerves and who then exchanged a few ‘words of wisdon’ with More. Soon, the game resumed once again with More’s antics. He jumped at almost every delivery appealing Miandad’s dismissal.
More and Miandad soon got into a verbal exchange making unsportsman like gestures. When it became too much for Miandad to handle -he got out of the crease and went back in making three perfect frog jumps to mimic More’s jumping. An incident cherished and frowned upon all at the same time, making it the first MensXP India vs Pakistan Contrvercial Cricketing Moment.
2. Aamir Sohail Vs Venkatesh Prasad, Quarterfinal, 1996 World Cup
Aamir Sohail Points at Venkatesh Prasad After hitting a Four in the 1996 World Cup
One of the most amazing duels in India Pakistan cricketing history. An awe inspiring, jaw dropping moment, that Indian’s take pride in quoting and re-quoting.
Setting: An overtly charged up match to say the least. Aamir sohail, in his best form along with Saed Anwar and the two had put in close to 100 runs for a second wicket partnership.
The Moment: Sohail took off on Prasad and clobbered him for a four. And then pointed towards the boundary indicating his next shot.
Aamir Sohail Bowled By Venkatesh Prasad After Hitting him for a Four in the 1996 World Cup
The Divine intervention. Distraught and charged up at his cockiness, Venkatesh Prasad, clean bowled Sohail with a beauty of a slow ball. Politely pointing him back to the pavilion with a smirk making it #2 in MensXP - Famous IND vs PAK Magic Moments.
India evenutally won the match and went on to the semi-finals. See the full Video
3. Gautam Gambhir & Kamran Akmal
Kamran Akmal was desperately waiting for Gautam Gambhir to get out. And since Pakistan was failing miserably at bowling, Sledging seemed a better option. Here we see a nasty exchange of words during the Drinks Break.
4. Harbajan Singh & Shoaib Akhtar
Harbhajan Singh and Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar had an argument during the ASIA Cup 2010 match where India won thanks to the six by Harbhajan Singh here is the video from the fight. Harbhajan had an argument with Pakistani pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar in the high-voltage match, while Gambhir featured in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with Pakistani stumper Kamran Akmal, prompting captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni to separate him and drag him away. "The ICC match referee had a chat with the players but decided not to charge them as he felt it was a heat of the moment incident," Indian team manager Ranjib Biswal said.