22 crore more Aakash tablets needed to achieve goal: Government

Amidst a wave of speculations and assurances surrounding the future of Aakash tablet in India, the government states that to achieve its much larger goal of "merging education with Information Technology", it will need an additional 22 crore units of the tablet. The Additional Secretary, HRD Ministry, N K Sinha was quoted as saying, "Initially, we bought one lakh Aakash tablets but we need 22 crore more tablets in the coming years as per the Ministry of Human Resource."
Trying to merge education and IT
Trying to merge education and IT

Understandably, to make this possible, the government will begin issuing fresh tenders, giving other companies, in addition to Canada-based, Datawind, who've been already manufacturing Aakash tablets, a chance to involve themselves as manufacturers. Interestingly, it has also been revealed that the ministry has already been receiving requests from America, Panama, Ecuador, and other African countries.

Off late, the once loved tablet, has been finding itself being questioned over several technical aspects (poor battery, slow processor speed, overall build), which reportedly have not been performing too well, to say the least. The government is already looking into these issues.