23 Ways to Make yourself Beautiful

Make that call to your dermatologist:
If you have problem skin, or excessive hair, then innovations such as microdermabrasion, lasers and peels help. Dermatologist will tailor a simple but effective routine that takes little time, and will help you look good, and keep your skin young and healthy, says Dr Mukta Sachdev, dermatologist, Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru. Dont just switch cosmetics or add to the home-cure routine to tackle such problems.

Start your anti-ageing now:
Experts advise that you start using anti-ageing products as early as your mid-20s. So if you havent as yet, start today! Good choices include the Ponds Age Miracle or Gold Radiance ranges. Prioritise sunscreen; it goes a long way in fighting wrinkles. Pick a broad spectrum product with active agents such as Avobenzone and Mexoryl for UVA rays, and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for UVB rays. Use the sunscreen on your hands, feet, ears, neck, and the back of your neck as well. Try Lakme Sun Expert SPF 30 (Rs 250; 100ml) or Neutrogenas Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50 (RS 450), which glide on without a hint of oiliness. Think of it as a lifelong habit, this single decision will help you keep looking younger, longer.

Cut down sugar:
The food diary helps you balance your meals but remember to be extra vigilant about sugar. The calories from sugary foods are worse than the calories from fatty foods, as they lead to an unregulated metabolic rate, says Hyderabad-based fitness expert, Dinaz Vervatwala. Cut down on the consumption of sugar and refined foods permanently. You should only be eating them 20 percent of the time in a month. Sugar can cause premature ageing as it can trigger a breakdown of collagen and elastin. It also makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, the prime cause of ageing.
Get a yearly check-up:
Now is a good time! Get blood tests, hormone profiles, and pap smears. Adult acne, falling hair, under-eye circles, lack of energy your doctor could fix them all.
Sort out your dressing table:
Gather all your cosmetics and skincare products and make three piles - keep, pass-on and throw. In the throw pile, toss everything that's past its expiry date. The shelf life for hair care products, sunscreen, eye and lip pencils, and lipsticks is three years; body lotions, foundation, perfume and deodorant is two; liquid liner is around a year, and mascara is three months. Creams that have curdled, yellowed, or smell bad belong to the throw pile as well. In the pass-on pile, toss the impulse buys - a red lipstick, smokey eyeshadow, bright nailpolish - none of which you've ever worn. Products that no longer suit your skin, hair type, and gifts you hate also belong to this pile. Just ensure that you aren't passing on the dregs. If you haven't used anything for more than six months, pass-on or throw.

Clean out your wardrobe
There isn't any expiry date on clothes. Keep all outfits that elicit compliments, fit well, or make you happy when you look in the mirror. Throw or giveaway: Clothes you've kept for when you lose/gain weight, those not in fashion, anything unworn for the past year, faded or doesn't fit! Remember, all those oversize clothes that you think hide your hips/tummy make you look bigger.
Get back up:
If you cant get rid of feelings of helplessness, anxiety, sadness, feel teary for no reason, cant get things done, have no energy, are avoiding friends, and your sleep cycle and appetite are disturbed, you may be suffering from depression. A psychiatrist can put you on mild anti-depressants that push up your serotonin levels without causing any harmful side effects. Depression isnt a failure. Its a treatable condition. Dont wait to be immobilised before you take action. Better to over-react than react late. And when you feel better, you start to look better.

Start some vitamins:
A regular multivitamin is required for healthy skin, hair and nails. The change of season is the right time for oil-based vitamins, says Delhi-based dermatologist Dr Shehla Agarwal. Start with Vitamin A once a day for 30 days to take care of dry skin and follow it up with Vitamin E for a month to get a glow in the winter. There are several antioxidant tablets available to help with anti-ageing. Check with your doctor.

Find 30 minutes thrice a week:
Thats the amount of exercise-time you actually need to stay healthy, says fitness expert Vervatwala. The good news is that it doesnt have to be a boring walk, or an intimidating professional routine. Take the dog for a walk, park your car a mile away from your home and walk (or get dropped off), play with your children. Dont leave every bit of work to your household staff.
Sleep in:
Add an hour to your shut-eye. 'Women tend to take stress to their bedroom and are always multi-tasking - if not physically, then in their mind. This takes a toll on one's appearance,' cautions dermatologist, Dr Mukta Sachdev. Research indicates that a good night's sleep is between 7 to 8 hours (individual requirements may vary). Any less than that and you increase health risks and are perceived as less attractive. You'll also be more inclined to gain weight, feel hungry and crave fatty foods. So leave that 'one last thing' you want to do at night! You'll do it faster the next day.

Some Pampering: 
Make a "me time" deal with your husband: You get a couple of hours in the day over the weekend, and he gets them in the afternoon or evening. In your time, book in for three treatments - a good facial, a hair spa, and a manicure-pedicure session - besides your usual "maintenance" work. If you've got greys and don't want them to show, touch up your roots; pick the darkest brown, not black, to keep it natural. Have some fun while you're at it - check with your colourist about highlights, which will add shine and the illusion of volume to your locks. Call up friends whose hair cuts you like and ask them for their hairdressers' numbers. Chat with a recognised hairstylist about looks that could work for you. Go through a couple of magazines while you're getting the pedicure for ideas. Don't get a cut on impulse.

Have A Family Day: 
Do something together - bird watching, brunch, picnic, day-trip, barbecue, movie, hike. Bond over a new experience.
Change your beauty routine:
You need to shake up your beauty routine to keep your skin looking its glowing and its best as the winter sets in, says dermatologist Dr Shehla Agarwal. Here are a few pointers.
a Switch to mild cleansers that wont leave your skin feeling tight.
b Add nuts to your diet for glowing skin, and to fight wrinkles.
c Check the temperature of bath water. Hot water may by tempting, but dries your skin. Its best to use lukewarm water with a cold splash at the end.
d Rich body creams aside, dont skip the hand and foot creams. Moisturise every time you wet your hands and feet, and a few times in between.

Keep your eyes young:
The thin skin around your eyes is where you'll see the first signs of ageing (puffy eyes, dark under-eye circles and lines). Check for food allergies, salt (an excess can lead to water retention) and water consumption (even a little less shows). Smoking, sinus, and lack of sleep (less than seven hours) add up. Always apply eye cream with your ring (third) finger as its the weakest so you dont put too much pressure on the delicate skin. Pat it in, dont rub.

Play up your features
Delhi-based makeup expert Angelina Joseph shares her tips for looking great this winter.
a Wear bright colours: Go for lip shades in coral, fuchsia and bubblegum pink, and eyeshadows in bottle green, royal blue and purple. Remember the golden rule play up only one aspect of your face (either eyes or lips), not both at once.
b Blush, blush, blush: Its the most important and the easiest way to lift your face. Creamy blushes will add a sheen to your face. Use powder rouge, if you want a matte effect.
c Avoid shimmery eyeshadows: They highlight wrinkles around your eyes.
d Get the right tone: When you are buying a concealer to hide the undereye circles, buy one that exactly matches your skin tone.
e Dont let the liner show: Match the colour to the lipstick. Dont let the outline of your lips to show.

Swap your drinks:
You need your daily cuppa, but do you need it hourly? Depending on how many you drink, replace one of your caffeine shots that includes coffee, tea and cola with juice (Vitamin C), green tea (antioxidants), and a yoghurt smoothie (calcium). Keep a one-litre bottle of water around you at all times. Finish it by the end of your work day. Drink another at home.

Meet a friend:
Dont depend on social media and networking sites. Make time to meet your friends in person V there are documented benefits to friendship, including fighting disease, lessening anxiety, and making tasks seem less daunting.

Get the cut you have been researching
Get that new look, it doesn't have to be drastic or short. It doesn't even have to be a hair cut! Bangs and a trim can work just as well there's a bang for every hair type. Choose a style that complements your hair's natural texture otherwise you'll spend a lot of time fighting it.

Some rules of thumb
Round face: Look for a longer cut, don't get layers around the face. If you want a shorter cut, split it short in front and long at the back. The length at the back will downplay the fullness of your face.

Long face: Ensure that the cut is not too long. Balance it out with wispy bangs.

Square jaws: Try soft layers below the neck. Blunt and short cuts will emphasise the jaw.

Heart-shaped: Full, straight bangs are your best friend as they balance out your face. Narrow face: A mid-length layer will add volume around your face.

Say goodbye to poker straight hair:
The rebonded look is over. It looks too flat, stark and ageing. Now its about a bit of volume and soft waves that frame the face. Start using the hair iron to curl. An easy trick is to plait your hair when its wet. Leave it that way till it dries; youll get effortless curls.

Get a massage:
Massages tackle dryness and increase the serotonin in your body. Dr Sachdev says, "Its beneficial for hydration, skin maintenance and circulation. Its also a luxury and recommended for its relaxation value and the time taken out for oneself. So, take the doctors advice and pamper yourself.

Accept compliments
Its not easy, as you are programmed to be modest, but when people tell you that you look good, dont tell them you need to lose another 5kg. Accept it and believe it because you look beautiful!

Wear red:
It can be just a hint but the colour makes a huge difference. Research shows that you are perceived to be more attractive in red. It needn't just be in your clothes it can even be the lip colour. Bright colours make you appear more confident, and hence, more vital, full of life and attractive.