Datawind to not test Aakash for water resistance

In a startling revelation, it has been stated that the makers of the Aakash tablet have reportedly refused to put the first version of the Aakash tablet to test under norms put forth by IIT Jodhpur. Datawind CEO, Suneet Singh Tuli maintained that the first version of their Aakash tablet will not be put through the test conditions to ascertain specs proposed by IIT, since they were, essentially military specifications of a rugged product - a little too high for Aakash, and hence did not make sense.
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Elaborating a little on what the test norms were like, the report stated that the tablet would be tested for water resistance. As a part of this test, the Aakash tablet will be "placed in a rain chamber supplying rain at a rate of no less than 4 inches per hour." Stating as another reason for the refusal, Tuli stated that the test specifications were proposed by the IIT after the tender document was submitted and were not a part of the original tender. At the moment, however, the Aakash makers hope to get some changes done to the test criteria put forth by IIT Jodhpur. We will keep you updated.