World At 7 Billion: Out of 7 Billion, Which One Are You?

The world keeps on growing at a very fast pace, but have you ever wondered at what number you were?
which one are you
Just like that, 7 billion people: Which One Are you? By BBC News allows a person to know what their number is from that 7 billion people. It’s interesting and fun to know what number you were. It makes a person feel excited, and old at the same time knowing they were “Number X”.
The service is very easy to use. All a person has to do is visit the website, and input their birthday details. Once done, just click Go and it will tell you which number of person you were at that time. You can even check out population details of any country such as total population, total number of births/deaths every hour and more.
After checking the population details, just click Next, select your Gender and it will tell you the average life expectancy rate in that specific country for men and women. Furthermore, it will also tell you the country with the highest and lowest life expectancy.
Click on Next and it will show you the overall results, your number in 7 billion, your country’s population details, average life expectancy in your country of residence and more. If you want, you can share the results on different social networks as well.
  • Its free.
  • Allows you to find where you fit in.
  • Average life expectancy of genders in your country of residence.
  • Population information.
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