New Way to Fight Piracy by an Indian

J. L. Dheepan, 23, is an Indian who has invented a new method to address piracy and help movie studios that always complain about huge losses because of the pirates. This way was patented as the “pirate predator”, and it is the following: in one theater you can see the movie with a flower having five leaves while in another theater there will be six leaves.


He explained that this method is close to watermarking, but a bit different. With this technique, the industry can find out in which theater the movie was pirated, and this is a very important aspect that they are able to track the print. If the industry wants this technique to become successful, the production house will have to give the young engineer some particular scene from every print distributed to theaters.

Dheepan only needs one scene, and it can be a song sequence, for example. In each print, he will add some object – a stone, another petal on a flower or even sparks, which can’t be found by anyone except him. After this he will record the details and return the print to the production house for further distribution to the theaters. Dheepan said that maintaining a record is very important. He records the details of the objects placed in the scenes of different prints, while the production house will maintain a log book of the prints distributed to theaters.

When pirated versions of the films emerge, the producer will provide the DVD to Dheepan, who will pin-point the theater in which the film was pirated. He will have to check the scene in which he has placed the specific object, after which he will be able to identify the print and find the particular theater.

Aside from this, the guy managed to complete over 2/3 of work in curbing MP3 piracy, too. He inserts some sounds in different songs and then gives them back to the recording company. Basically, this method is similar to the one used for movie piracy, and can also be used for video game piracy as well. The young Indian got this idea when he was designing a share market video tutorial. His brother and friends, all engineering students, helped him to develop the idea, and Pirakill, a copyright and anti-piracy company, admitted that this method can prove successful if tracking is possible. The firm says that various hidden images, objects and codes can often be added to movies, but nobody knows in which frame.