Samsung Galaxy Note: Tips & Tricks for better use

Samsung tactfully tried to bridge the gap between a smartphone and a tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Note ...
Samsung Galaxy Note: Tips & Tricks for better use
Samsung tactfully tried to bridge the gap between a smartphone and a tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Along with an advanced and feature-packed spec sheet, the Note has some quick access abilities. The S-Pen does more than just serving as a stylus for navigation and typing. In fact, Samsung has ensured to dish out a device that offers optimized usage of the mid-sized screen and the S-Pen. Here are a few tips and tricks that can be employed by Note users for a swifter experience. While some of these quick tips are already available on other Galaxy devices, some cater exclusively to the Galaxy Note.

Tip 1 - Easy access to Menu, Close a task
As aforesaid, users can leverage on the abilities of the S-Pen. It can be used for easy access of the Menu and also to close a task. Press the S-Pen button and swipe to the left to close a previous task, while pen button + swiping upwards pulls up the Menu. 

Tip 2 - Shortcut to Google Search
This is something you’ve seen in the previous Galaxy devices, all you need to do is press and hold the menu key, which will take you directly to Google Search page. 

Tip 3 - Three routes to Screenshots
Taking a screenshot on the Note has been made simpler, with not one, but three options. Besides the Menu + Power option to capture the screen, Note users can simply click the button on the S-Pen and press and hold the screen for a quick screenshot of the screen. Making it even interesting, you can take a screenshot by simply moving your palm over the screen. Moving the palm on the screen sidewards quickly took the shot, albeit after some practice.
Edit screenshots..
Edit screenshots..

Tip 4 - Edit and Crop right there
As soon as you take a screenshot, the image can be directly edited. A set of tools that appear on the upper side of the screen enable you to add fun stuff or cropped the image to select the desired area. 

Tip 5 - S-Pen brings in S-Memo
The S-memo, which is also a highlight of the device, can be instantly accessed. All you need to do is press the S-Pen button and tap the screen twice. The S-Memo immediately pops up after this process. 

Tip 6 - Quick access to S Planner
The S-Planner serves as a reminder and keeps all events organized. It comes with the quick add feature that lets your handwritten message to be automatically stored by the calendar and set as a reminder. You can even add it from S-Memo, just type out the event with the day, and go to the menu button and select More, then click on Link to S-Planner and select New event. The Note will recognize it as an event.
Planning made simpler
Planning made simpler

Tip 7 - Resizeable widgets
The Galaxy Note is a tad larger than the usual smartphones, so Samsung has ensured that the widgets don’t appear miniscule. However, you get the option to resize certain widgets, like Bookmarks, Weather and S-memo. Simply tap and hold the icon, and slowly let it go. You will notice outlines and a small grey arrow, using the arrow you can resize these widgets.

Tip 8 - Brightness on finger tips
Press and hold the status bar, and in a few seconds it will serve as a slider to control the brightness of the screen. Slide your finger on the left and right to decrease and increase the brightness of the screen, respectively. However, for this to work, you will need to turn off the automatic brightness of the device. 

Tip 9 - Swipe to call and SMS
Messaging or calling is just a swipe away in the Note. When in contacts, if you swipe to the left, it will let you directly SMS the contact, while swiping to the right will allow making calls. 

Tip 10 - Put to silence
This may not be something new in the phone arena, but it’s quite interesting to see the Note silence incoming calls by just turning the device over. Simply activate motion control (under Settings) and turn over the Note with its screen facing the surface to mute incoming calls. 

Tip 11 - Music/Videos adhere to your palm
If you are disturbed while listening to music or watching a video, and you need to pause it, all you need to do it place your hand on the screen. Yes, pause songs/videos by simply placing your hand on the screen and pressing it. The music resumes on lifting the hand, adding to the convenience. 

Tip 12 - Keyboard and status bar disappears 
These are two handy tips to quickly get away with the status bar and keyboard. When you pull down the status bar completely, press it for a few seconds and it will disappear, while the keyboard will disappear as you swipe downwards on the keyboard.
End a task with one stroke
End a task with one stroke

Tip 13 - Archive to clipboard
In messages or mails, you will notice the cursor on the left. On touching the cursor, the Clipboard function pops up. This allows archiving your sent messages. 

Tip 14 – Rotate images
The images in the gallery can be rotated by using the fingers. Place the upper potion of the finger (not the finger tips) and turn the finger in the direction the image needs to be rotated.

Simply write it..
Simply write it..

Tip 15 – Handwriting to text
Using S-memo, scribble down your message and then click on the Menu button. In the options, you will find Handwriting to text option that will convert your hand written message into a text message, leaving room for editing it. We didn’t find the software recognize our writing to the tee. 

These handy tips and tricks will definitely add to your convenience, while some may need a little practice.