Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers

Being prepared for an interview is half the battle. If you are one of those executive types totally unhappy about your present job and looking for a new job that’s promising then you need a helping hand. The job interview is considered to be the most crucial thing in getting a new job. You get face-to-face with your future boss. You would be asked questions on anything and a good preparation for it is very important. One must prepare for the job interview with utmost seriousness and the goal to win. There are a list of interview questions available online or any book store which you can consider having a look.
Interviews can get a lot stressful for job seekers who have giving countless interviews.

The best way for less stress is to be prepared. Take a lot of time to review a lot of interview questions and the typical answers to those. Here are the top ten interview questions with good answers that you ought to be prepared before your interview.

  1. Tell us what do should know about you?
    1. As this is the opening question of every interview, be careful while you answer it. Do not run into an answer for the sake of saying it. Keep the answer to a length that will last for a minute or two maximum. Try to cover the four topics – education, early years, work experience and recent career experience. Remember this is just a warm up question. Do not waste your best options on it.
  2. Your knowledge on our organization.
    1. You should be able to discuss their products and services, goal, reputation, vision of the company, management style, people, history and philosophy. But never act as though you know everything about the organization. Let your answer show that you have done some amount of research and have taken time in knowing about them. Also make it clear that you wish to learn more.
  3. Why do you think you qualify to work for us?
    1. Do not start your answer as “because your company is doing this, I like working”. Give them an answer that proves that your home work is right. Speak in terms of company’s needs. You may also say that you were researching for your goals and list out your goals and you found that the company’s goals and your goals matched. For example, if the organization is known for strong management, your answer should mention that fact and show that what you would like to be a part of their team. If the company involves research, then answer them on your interests to research and your previous work on those lines. If few things do not interest you then do not try to stress that. May be that’s not what you would want to do.
  4. How do we call you an exception when compared to our other employees?
    1. Here you have every right to blow your own trumpet and say you are good at the things you would want to mention. Tell them your skills and interests and applying those to their company would reap profitable results.
  5. What do you think is most attractive about this job position and what seems least attractive?
    1. List three or four attractive factors of the job and mention a single or minor or unattractive thing about the job.
  6. Why do you think you are important to the organization and Why should we hire you?
    1. Create a good answer with your abilities to perform in the organization as that of being an exception to the company. These terms coined well can bring in a lot of meaning to this answer. Answer with a lot of confidence when you talk about yourself.
  7. What do you seek for in a job?
    1. Coin those opportunities that you will gain when you are offered a job. Talk about your desire to perform and work in a team.
  8. Give us a definition of your role.
    1. You need to be thorough of the role you are being interviewed for. If you have a doubt there is nothing wrong in getting a clear idea of your exact role.
  9. How long do you think you can bring in a meaningful contribution to our firm?
    1. For this question, analyze the exact role for which you are being interviewed. Analyze the pros and cons of the role and make conclusions. Give them a meaningful answer where in how you can bring in profits with this kind of challenging situation like your team, the competitors etc.
  10. How long you would stay with us?
    1. Admit that you want challenging career and you would stay with them indefinitely until you get challenging projects. But also mention to them you will give a lot of time to hop for jobs.
These are the top 10 interview questions which you ought to know to answer and be successful in your interview.