Facebook status saves woman and child in hostage situation

AFacebook status update helped an Utah woman and her 17 month old son who were in a hostage situation. The woman had been held captive for five days and hid in her closet with her laptop to post the Facebook status. She wrote that she and her son would be "dead by morning", if no one helped. According to a statement made by Police Sgt. Jon Arnold to the Associated Press, a friend of the women read the Facebook status and dialed 911. The person holding them hostage was a 33-year old man, Troy Reed Critchfeeld. He was jailed and is facing charges of aggravated kidnapping, child abuse, aggravated assault, forcible sodomy, domestic violence, animal cruelty, among other charges.
A Facebook status can save
A Facebook status can save

The woman said that Critchfeeld had forcibly held her and her son hostage. He repeatedly hit, choked, and sexually abused her for nearly a week. She said that the man had taken her phone and a cell phone belonging to a disabled child and refused to let her feed her dog. The AP said that the woman had bruises consistent with the allegations, even though, she denied hospital treatment.

This isn't the first time a Facebook status and a friend on Facebook has helped out. Back in March, Nitesh Bhakta posted “HELLLLLLLLP!" as his status when his house was being burgled and his grandmother and sister were tied up. A friend of his saw the status and called the police

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