Solar Power Costs Less Than Diesel in India

The current development of poor nations definitely has to focus on the sector of renewables, an important element for a sustainable future. 
This target seems achievable, especially nowadays when the costs of solar power installations is considerably low. India makes no exception, since some of its solar power is actually cheaper than diesel, Clean Technica informs.

Solar energy offered by French company Solairedirect is not only green; it is also cost-effective since it is priced at only 14 cents (€0.107) per kWH, compared to the current price of diesel, 25 cents (€0.191) according to Renewable Energy World. 

Some skeptics might say that this generous offer launched and supported by the French enterprise does not draw up a smart, profitable business strategy. 

Even so, the path selected by Solairedirect is followed by four other major players deciding to provide clean green solar power for less than what diesel costs these days.

Apparently, the Indian government plays an important role in this equation, launching "Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission," a plan aiming to boost the solar sector by offering financial help to support the production of 20,000 MW added to the grid over the next decade. 

Moreover, alternative sources of power seem to be essential for India's sustainable development.

The government wants to witness radical changes. By 2014, it plans to make sure that solar power would become the cheapest source of energy in India, far more accessible than its dirty traditional competitors. 

If this strategy really works and shows significant improvements, other countries displaying the same socioeconomic status as India could copy its trajectory and experience similar results.

Such a path is not only beneficial for the market of renewables; it is also correlated with a less visible dependence on diesel which is considered a vital element in India, since the diesel sector is currently worth $2.32 billion (€1.781 billion) every year.