Most Viewed Youtube Video Ever Uploaded

Do”nt you think why we are posting this compilation ? Because its one of the most searched keywords ever which I got in mind while watching the Most Viewed Youtube Video compilation on Youtube.
I am not sure but even now, some of these are at the top of the list and they are covering over 3% of the overall Youtube traffic. Is”nt this amazing thing. We have got these stats over researching on several sites.

See the Most Viewed Youtube Video

I know, you will definitely be laughing after seeing this video, and if you have”nt played this video yet, then we recommend to play it now. Its really awesomely compiled.
These are the top 100 most viewed youtube video ever uploded, I have”nt collected each one of them because I think this alone is having all of them. I would like to hear your views after seeing this Video.