Discover 5 Easy Foods That Eat Away Your Cholesterol!

Most of us realize what good food choices constitute, what healthy eating habits are all about and the kind of foods we should avoid but somehow, we struggle towards eating the right kind of food over an extended period.

Rushed lifestyles, ongoing stressful issues and the lure of sinful food items that surround us, make it hard to stay committed towards healthy eating choices. One smart solution to neutralizing the ill-effects of such mistakes is to gorge upon foods that can eat away our fat! Please note that cholesterol is the basic, core component of what turns into fat or adipose tissue in our bodies. Thus, if we can equip ourselves with some cholesterol-busting foods, we our essentially eating away our fat!

1. Meet Cholesterol’s Ultimate Nemesis—Insoluble Fiber

Discover 5 Easy Foods That Eat Away Your Cholesterol!
With easy availability, you don’t have reasons to excuse oatmeal & margarine. Some time back, oatmeal was considered an American breakfast fad that didn’t find many takers. Eventually, it has made it to most retailers across the nation in the form of flakes and oatmeal-enriched breads. Oatmeal contains a high concentration of soluble fiber. This kind of fiber prevents the bloodstream from retaining cholesterol. Margarine was looked down as a poor cousin of  butter. Now, it has been established that margarine is enriched with plant sterols. These compounds are nature’s most potentcholesterol busters. Other sources of insoluble fiber include kidney beans, prunes, beans and barley.

2. Apple A Day, Keeps Cholesterol Away

Discover 5 Easy Foods That Eat Away Your Cholesterol!
This is not an attempt to rephrase wisdom from the healthcare niche but just putting forth the facts. One of the easiest, most fulfilling ways of lowering the concentration of bad or LDL cholesterol is to eat apples regularly. Apples are naturally equipped with anti-oxidants and pectin that help to lower and fight cholesterol.

3. Make An Anti-Cholesterol Ploy With Soy

Soy contains a group of compounds called isoflavones. These are natural cholesterol-fighting agents. You can have soy in various forms like soy flour, nuts, granules and energy bars apart from soy milk and tofu.

4. Don’t Go Nuts! Just Eat Them Regularly

Discover 5 Easy Foods That Eat Away Your Cholesterol!
Many health-centric websites recommend munching nuts regularly to keep yourself healthy and young. Unless you are training for a weightlifting event, you don’t need to gorge upon nuts. Just maintain a steady, basic intake of various kinds of nuts such as pistachios, walnuts and almonds. Nuts are a healthy source of polyunsaturated fatty acids that help to reduce the thickness of blood and fight the harmful effects of cholesterol. Nuts also contain some amount of omega 3 fatty acids. These are effective cholesterol-fighting agents that help to control the blood pressure also.

5. Olive Oil: Nature’s Own Cholesterol Foil

Olive oil is among the rare food items that have been endorsed by the most authoritative of global healthcare agencies like the FDA—Food and Drug Administration, USA. Olive oil is particularly recommended to those with a history of cardiovascular problems and elevated cholesterol levels. Olive oil contains oleic acid which is very effective for lowering blood cholesterol levels. It also contains sterols and stanols, together called phytosterols, and phenols that help to lower cholesterol. You can choose across various types of olive oil including virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra light olive oil and pure olive oil.