India Became Spam Giant

The oldest civilization in the globe has become the largest source of spam, according to a report presented by Kaspersky Lab. The insecurity outfit claims that spammers have made use of lax legislation and absent policing to make the world's spam hub out of the country.


Kaspersky explained that more spam was sent from India than anywhere else in the globe in the third quarter of 2011. According to its report, 80% of email traffic was spam. Of that, 15% originated in India, 11% came from Indonesia, and 10% from Brazil. The company’s spam engineer Darya Gudkova claimed that there was a growing trend for junk mail to be sent from PCs in Asia and Latin America.

Today India became one of the best places for spammers to set up due to the lack of awareness about online security and anti-spam legislation, which had given spammers free reign. Apparently, the spammers preferred to outsource their operations in India when other countries cracked down on the practice.

Although the Indians created the Information Technology Act 12 years ago, which was supposed to address spammers, nobody has been convicted under it thus far. Anyway, India appeared to be a great place for a spammer to set up, since it has 112 million online users, which makes it the third n the world after China and the US. In other words, there’s a great local market to target even before having a crack at the Europeans and Americans.

Darya Gudkova explained that online hygiene from the use of anti-virus software or good passwords appears poor among people, companies and even the government. Meanwhile, Gudkova told during the interview that this lack of awareness in the country helps cyber criminals to easily create botnets.