Nokia N900 can be Customized by Operators

The Nokia N900 has been creating waves across the world ever since the pictures of the first Linux based Phone were spotted on the interwebs. The Maemo based phone was unveiled few days before Nokia World and more details including the price were announced at the event. Nokia had indicated that the price of the phone in various markets will depend a lot on the subsidies possible in the market. But recently there were some reports that Nokia is not going to allow operators to customize the N900 the way they allowed AT&T to customize E71x for example. Some reports even suggested that Operators might reject the N900 due to this restriction. But Nokia has posted an explanation on its Conversations Blog indicating that the reports are not accurate and that Nokia is looking forward to work with operators to provide the best consumer experience.
Phil said the following in his post earlier today.
Seems a few people are getting ahead of themselves. As we have said over the past couple of weeks, our plan with Maemo is to focus on the consumer experience – integrating applications and services from Nokia, our broad community of developers and publishers and, of course, from our operator customers. While we have not announced immediate plans to offer an operator variant for the N900, there are many customization points for operators on the N900.
Hope Airtel or Vodafone tieup with Nokia to bring the N900 to India at an affordable price. But for now India is not on the list of countries for the initial pre-order !