How To Apply Restrictions And Prevent Users From Changing Files On Your Hard Drive – SteadyState?

How can we revert all the changes made by user after the user log off or system restart, this is quite a custom requirement when the you want to remove all the changes being made to your computer made by your cousin or any other user who had used your computer once in a while may just for playing games.
Removing all the changes made by the user will remove all the created files by that user and software being installed by the user, you can more over apply certain restrictions also on the users using your computer, all this can be achieved by a free utility by Microsoft called Steady State Fix: Steady State is on such tool which allows you to set computer restrictions,schedule software updates, and protect your hard disk contents to get changed.
Computer Restrictions Includes:
You can apply various restrictions like remove shutdown, turn off options from start menu, prevent users from creating folders on c drive and also prevent the use of USB storage devices to prevent virus infection

Protect Hard Disk From Changes
You can choose to changes done by the user at system restart or retain the changes temporarily