Video : Nokia N97 Mini vs N97

Most of you might be wondering whats so special about the N97 mini and whats different from the flagship device -- the N97. We had a Nokia representative walk us through the key design differences between the mini and its big brother last week. He said that the mini is for users who want to make a fashion statement and would like to put it on the table show it off as a stylish gadget. That’s why the mini is being offered in 3 unique colors.Catch the video after the jump and let us know what color of the mini do u like the most !
                      After using the mini We found the hardware much more top notch than the N97 mainly due to the generous use of metal on the exterior. And if rumors are to be trusted , N97 mini is coming out in September end or early October for around 25k according to our sources. But according to announcements at NokiaWorld last week, price was expected to be 31k. But we still remember Anssi mentioning during his keynote that it would be 450 euros or cheaper mainly due to subsidies. Subsidies practically don’t exist in India so we just take the cheaper part into the equation. N97mini at 25k would be good buy ? What do you all think ?