How Apple will Begin with Thermo Nuclear War Against Google ?

SIRI is one different Virtual Assistant that changes the way all the virtual assistant works, those we have seen and experienced till date. If the news from unconfirmed sources goes true, then Apple is really working hard to port SIRI on iPhone 4 and all its existing and upcoming models to give a total new look and feel to their devices with a software.
I came across an article from “Cult of Mac” which shows how Steve Jobs can give life to these words “willing to go thermonuclear war on this” and “this” stands to Android andGoogleThermonuclear war on Google ? What apple has and will come up with to make that happen ? And the Secret and Special Weapon that Apple currently have in its hand, SIRI the Virtual Assistant.
Steve Jobs took it personally, and told biographer Walter Isaacson that he was “willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”But what did he mean by that?
In a recent interview Google Chairman Eric Schmidt sees Apple’s voice assistant Siri as a “significant development” that could threaten the Web search giant’s business.
He noted that some publications had referred to Siri as Apple’s “entry point” to the search sector and a “Google killer”. He also backpedaled on earlier statements, saying he was “clearly wrong” when he said Apple and Facebook were not Web search competitors.
Still, the points highlighted by cult of mac gives better idea to answer the question “How it will happen ?“.
  1. SIRI to Replace Google Search and to get its Own Search Engine that all iOS Device users will use through Voice commands as many started doing it already. Google
  2. Find my Friends service may replace Google Latitude.
  3. Yelp to replace Google Places.
  4. Apple Maps that works well with SIRI to replace Google Maps, as you can see many iPhone users are already started using Maps App on iPhone that comes by default on iOS Device.
  5. Apple iCloud to replace Google Cloud and Services as they are regularly improving the iCloud by adding Documents, Movies and few more services in future.
  6. iMessage to replace Google Chat and GTalk.