The Most Fertile Places in the Universe The Most Fertile Places in the Universe

Humans are always found ambitious for precious metals and things which has high intrinsic value. These things have huge desire also because of their scarcity on Earth. No doubt these precious and wealthy elements are scare on our Planet, however there are some known places in this Universe where these metals are found in abundance.
It is speculated that Humans finally have exploit the resources of space from rare earth elements on the moon. Although the available technology forbid retrieving these resources, that can only be observed with the help of spectroscopy techniques and deep space telescopes.

A Planet Made of  Diamond
The astronomers recently have discovered a planet which is made up of carbon and a big portion of this planet seems to be composed of diamond. They further describe that the planet is a bit wider than Jupiter. Reminding in mind the size of Jupiter indication show that it would ring at 37.974 nonillion carats where 1nonillion = 1 with 30 zeros. But the sad news is that the planet is almost 4,000 light-years away from our Earth which is not approachable with today’s technology.
Natural Gas Sea Found on Titan
The other planet which is bit closer to Earth than the Diamond planet is Titan that is almost 1.2 billion to 1.7 billion miles from our Earth. The two reasons which made the Titan unique in the solar system: It is only the one moon to have stable bodies of liquid on its surface and a dense atmosphere with hundred of lakes which have been found on its surface.
The lakes found on Titan are much different than those found on Earth and are thought to hold liquid methane commonly known as natural gas. Estimates show that these large lakes found on Titan holding more than 130 billion tons (6.3 quadrillion cubic feet) of natural gas, these resources of natural gas are considered to be 31 times greater than those found on Earth until now.
 Gold Asteroid of $20 Trillion
John S. Lewis in his book “Mining The Sky: Untold Riches of the Asteroids, Comets and Planets,” has highlighted some spectacular estimates about precious resources in space. He spotlit the asteroid 3554 Amun which is a metallic asteroid possibly having $20 trillion in gold beneath its surface not only that yet another $8 trillion in iron and nickel, $6 trillion in cobalt and $6 trillion in platinum. However John’s estimates can’t be taken as real until verified with sophisticated measurements surface probes.
 Alcohol Cloud of Interstellar
The astronomers have discovered a huge alcohol could in 2006. The cloud was found more than 288 billion miles away in the W3(OH) region of our galaxy. The massive alcohol cloud is in gas form where other cloud are yet to be formed near around.
Water in Space
Although we have rich resources of water on our earth however there some places in the Solar System possibly having wide water reserves. Jupiter’s icy moon Europa is believed to be having a liquid ocean under its surface. According to an estimate its underground oceans are 62 miles deep and may be salty.
Super Massive Stars
Energy is one of the most prominent resources on our Earth. Sun is considered as fruitful source of energy. However energy is in abundant in space. The biggest star in the universe is VY Canis Majoris. Somehow if we be able to receive energy from VY Canis Majoris then it can fulfill our all energy needs of today.
There are still another stars in the space is known as R136a1a massive star which is near about 8.7 million times greater than the Sun. It is capable of producing 265 times greater energy than that of our Sun.