Most Luxurious Motorhome of 2011

Today the technology is going very fast. Engineers are inventing comfortable and wonderful products that you can imagine in dreams. Latest technology makes life more technical and everyone wants to do anything as he wants.
A famous company of Austria Marchi Mobile invents most expensive and amazing 40 ft long vehicle. It is called eleMMent Palazzo. It has all facilities of home at one place. The price of this luxurious vehicle is $2.9 million.
Here is the best collection of photos of this amazing invention along with important information about unique features. Checkout! 

This vehicle contains a big master bedroom along with a hedge 40 inch T.V. You can see the rainfall shower, lounge, bathroom as well as cub of driver with complete bed facilities.

This terrific moterhome vehicle is furnished with latest trends of living of big people.

The lounge and table for coffee contain luxurious things that you can see only big bars or in luxury hotels.

The management of the Marchi Mobile expects that this wondrous is facilitated by following the high standard of rock star and formula one driver.

You can easily drive this motorhome at night because big lights are being used in it. Which make your driving more safely  and enjoyable.

This wonderful vehecl3e is very comfortable and easily can drive on different roads.