The Last Words Spoken By Great People

Henry Ford
Last words by Henry Ford
Death is universal and permanent termination of all function of the body. Everyone dies, nobody can’t live forever. There are many reasons for this like disease, accidents, heart attack and other reasons.
After the death of the person the last words of that will remember forever by other persons. These words become the cause of tears in the eyes of followers.
You can see here the last words of great personalities of the world who have died in past. See and remember that golden words which can bring many changes in your life and provide different ways towards success.

Last words of Nustradamus
Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley
Ben Franklin
Last words by Ben Franklin
Charles Darwin
Last words by Charles Darwin
Billie Holiday
Last words by Billie Holiday
Amelia Earhart
Last wrods by Amelia Earhart
Winstion Churchill
Last words to Winstion Churchill
Sigmund Freud
Last words of Sigmund Freud
Last words of Malcolm
Frank Sinatra
Last words of Frank Sinatra
Last words of Elvis
Bob Marley
Last words of Bob Marley
Frederic Chopin
Last words by Frederic Chopin
Harry Houdini
Last words by Harry Houdini
Immanuel Kant
Last words by Immanuel Kant
Thomas Paine
Last words by Thomas Paine
Thomas Ediition
Last words by Thomas Ediition
Steve Jobs
Last words by Steve Jobs
Marilyn Monroe
Last words by Marilyn Monroe