Interview Drill: Prepare for Tricky Questions

Interview Drill
Interview Drill
There are some trick questions that are a part of interview drill. One must be prepared to play these googlies
Interviews are nerve racking. Yes? But they do not have to be. Questions may be thrown at you left, right and centre but they should not necessarily throw you off. You are going to sail through if you answer simply, honestly and with a certain degree of preparedness. There are some standard tricky questions that are asked. We are going to try and give you some pointers as to how to deal with these.
Question 1. Are you applying for other jobs as well?Be honest. You cannot possibly be just applying for one job. However, do not waste too much time answering this one and do not dwell into details. Without comparing with other companies, just end with a few positive points about their company which would motivate you to work for them.
Question 2. How long are you willing to work with us, if hired?You are not supposed to inform them about your life plans. Tell them what they would want to hear. Obviously, they are looking for someone who can stick around for the company. Do not be specific. Saying something like you will work as long as the company is good for you and you are good for the company would be the best way to go.
Question 3. Are you a team player? And do you think you can handle conflict in a team?
It is essential for your boss to know if you can work efficiently with a team and also can help your team members achieve maximum output. You can state examples from school, college or previous job where you worked in a team.
Question 4. Have you ever had problems with your boss?
Never go on a tirade against your boss or professor. It will make a wrong impression on your boss. Mention some genuine problems that you faced and also mention efforts put in by you to get around those conflicts.
Question 5. What do your co-workers have to say about you?Quote one of your colleagues. It could be any little remark about your working style. It does not have to be something great and astonishing. Something like that you are cordial with everyone in office and are always serious about your work is enough.
Question 6. Why did you leave your last job?Be careful while answering this one. You should say that you felt ready to accept more challenging tasks. Do not say anything bad about the previous company. Rather, draw on your research and show how your career goals match better with their company.
Question 7. Have you been asked to leave a position?It will not do good to hide the truth. Reference checks done by your prospective employer will cancel all your chances of getting the job. Admit it but focus on how you tried to grow out of that experience. Stress on your willingness to improve yourself.
Question 8. What kind of salary are you expecting?It becomes one of the most difficult questions to tackle. Avoid stating an amount first. Ask them instead about their pay scale. Do not attempt to try your luck by stating an exaggerated amount and stick to the market rates. They will only hire you if you ask for a reasonable and deserving amount. You must also take into consideration other facilities provided to you by the company apart from your salary and then weigh your options.
Lastly, you should be prepared to ask them questions whether invited to do so or not. Do keep a few questions ready always. Clarify your doubts and queries so as to know if the company at all suits your abilities and objectives. This will also make you seem like an intelligent and sensible person.

Good luck with your interview!