Some Important points of Banking Awareness

Banking Industry as a part of General Awareness section has been recently added for bank exam. It emphasizes on applicants’ knowledge of current affairs with special reference to banking industry. This is very important for upcoming for candidates who aspire to be a bank Personnel.

  1. GDP – Gross Domestic Product.
  2. NBFC – Non banking finance company.
  3. Bear and Bulls related to – Stock Market.
  4. SDR (Special Drawing Rights)  issued by – IMF.
  5. Chairman of 13th finance commission – Vijay Kelkar.
  6. Financial Inclusion (वित्तीय समावेशन)-- Banking services to rural people termed.
  7. The details of the companies financial position in the annual report of a company is known as – balance sheet.
  8. Insurance companies regulate in India – IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority).
  9. The financial body which frames Monetary and Financial policy in India – RBI.
  10. RBI says Rupee Over valued, what it means -- The rupee has lost only against the dollar but appreciated against other currencies.
  11. Which committee recommended the hike of petrol and diesel prices – Kirit Parekh Committee.
  12. For preventing frauds and counterfeiting in a bank, RBI has proposed a scheme called – Know Your Customer (KYC).
  13. Organization deals with Fertilizer industry – IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited).
  14. FCCB stand for - Foreign Currency Convertible Bond.
  15. MAT stand for – Minimum Alternate Tax.
  16. Monetary Policy include - CRR and SLR.
  17. SME – Small and Medium Enterprises.
  18. Foreign exchanges are done in – US Dollars.
  19. Home loans are given to – Individuals.
  20. SME loans are given to – ALL Small Scale Industries(SSI).
  21. FCRA – Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.
  22. APEC – Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.
  23. NPA – Non Performing assets
  24. Basel II norms – Maintaining Capital Adequate ratio
  25. POS – Point of sale
  26. ECS – Electronic Clearing system
  27. The exchange of goods between the two or more countries is known as - FTA(Free Trade Agreement).
  28. RBI has kept Emergency Fund facility for which of the following banks –Urban Co-operative banks
  29. Full form of TPF– Trade policy Forum.
  30. Credit Rating agency in India – CRISIL
  31. Stocks and bonds are trade – Capital Market
  32. Service Tax is Shared by – Central Government.
  33. FTA released by – Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  34. Reverse Mortgage scheme is related to – For Senior Citizens
  35. First to start Mutual Fund trading on BSE – UTI Mutual Fund.
  36. IIP (Index of Industrial Production) was released by – Central Statistical Organization (CSO).
  37. World Investment Report released by – UNCTAD.
  38. NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange) commodity stock exchange is headquartered—Mumbai
  39. NABARD(National Bank for Agriculture and rural development bank ) is headquartered – Mumbani
  40. ADB (Asian Development Bank ) is headquartered – Manila
  41. POS -- Point of Scale
  42. VAT stands for -- Value Added Tax
  43. GST : Good and Service Tax.
  44. Who issue & regulate currency -- RBI
  45. NEFT full form -- National Electronic Fund Transfer.
  46. Full form of LLP – Limited Liability Partnership.
  47. Max limit for RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) - No limit.
  48. Which bank can accept deposit -- commercial bank
  49. Insurance services given by banks are called – Bancassurance.
  50. Bank are connected to all banking network -- Core Banking Solution.
  51. Financial inclusion is -- Banking facilities to all of them whom not has provided as yet.
  52. Who has maximum share in nationalized Bank -- Govt of India.
  53. Demat account use for -- for shares trading in electronic form.
  54. RTGS minimum threshold limit recently raised to – 2  lac
  55. Govt. sharehold in public sector banks cant be below –51%
  56. How many villages are to be covered in next 5yrs under Financial inclusion --73,000.
  57. NEFT system uses which codes -- IFS Codes.
  58. KYC procedure requires -- ID & address proof of the customer
  59. Self Help groups means -- Self-Help Groups are prime platform for social mobilization of women and creating awareness about legal and political rights.
  60. Reverse mortgage loan -- Finance given to senior citizens against residential houses/flats.
  61. Fastest inter bank transfer is by --  RTGS.
  62. ASBA -- Application Supported by Blocked Amount.
  63. SLR -- The minimum reserves each bank must hold to customer deposits and  notes.
  64. FINO -- Financial Inclusion Network and Operations.
  65. Deepak Mohanti committee is related to -- Base rate.
  66. The Govt. And the Rbi had set a target to cover 73000 villages having population in excess of 2000 to provide access to banking services, by march2012. Scheme name is  -- SWABHIMAN
  67. C.A.G. -- Comptroller and Auditor General
  68. Rights issue mean -- Sale of securities to existing share holders
  69. Secondary Market regulated by – SEBI
  70. Expand NOHC -- Non-Operative Holding Company
  71. World's largest bank by profit – ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)
  72. CDSL means -- Central Depository Services Limited
  73. NSDL means -- National Securities Depository Limited
  74. ETF stands for -- Exchange Traded Fund
  75. Core banking means – Connectivity of branches, ATM and online systems of all branches.
  76. The Foreign Exchange Reserve of India are kept in the custody of -- Reserve Bank of India.
  77. Plastic money -- Credit Card, Debit Card
  78. PPP means : purchasing power parity.
  79. N.A.V.  – Net Assets Value.
  80. Controlling & regulate Share market : SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India).