How To Protect USB With Password

Nowadays, flash drives or pen drives gets easily affected by viruses and malwares just because lack of security. You can put a layer of security on your flash drives just by protecting it by adding password.
Also, there can be alternative reason for protecting your flash drives with password, for denying access of personal stuffs to anyone. There may be either of the above reasons you are reading this article. So, lets get to the point.
Protect USB With Password

USB Flash Security 4.1.5

USB Flash Security is an awesome handy and portable tool to protect your Flash Drive.USB sticks are pretty much ubiquitous, and there have been many examples of people losing them and releasing sensitive data.
USB Flash Security Tool
USB Flash Security creates a password protected USB drive that will help keep you data safe.


WinSesame is a professional security software enabling you to:
  • Protect a file or a folder with a password.
  • Make files or folders confidential.
  • Prohibit the opening of a file or a folder.
  • Protect data on external hard drive, USB, cdrom, network.
  • Create virtual safes.
  • Make a powerful parental control.
  • Transfer confidential data by email.
  • Protect files and folders with a key-file.
  • Clean discs against the recovery of residual data.
  • Automatically close all the protected folders and files opened.
  • Password protect USB drive.
  • USB drive encryption.
  • PDF encryption.
The most powerful encryption software to encrypt and password protect all types of files and folders on hard drives, external drives, usb flash drives, CD, network and email attachments.
WinSesame comes with 6 encryption algorithms, including 3 special algorithms with limitless key length and 1 algorithm allowing the use of signature files.