Windows 8 preview crosses one million downloads

A mere 24 hours after it was first launched, the consumer preview of the new Windows 8 operating system has crossed a million downloads. Windows announced the news on its Twitter handle a short while ago saying, “One day later…one million downloads of the consumer preview”. (You can get it here)
Windows 8 features a tile screened display
Windows 8 doesn’t have the traditional “Start” menu, and applications are spread across a mosaic of tiles in a design Microsoft calls “Metro” — seen as an attempt by the company as a scramble to preserve its market share. And executives said it powers up on PCs in eight seconds, much faster than the previous version.
The tiles, which resemble road signs, can be navigated with a finger swipe on the screen or with a keyboard and mouse. But those testing out the new operating system won’t be able to try out the finger swiping unless they already have systems enabled for touch use, and the system isn’t expected to make its official debut until September or October.
“It’s beautiful, it’s modern, it’s fast, it’s fluid,” said Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division. “Windows 8 is a generational change in the windows operating system.”
Microsoft is also opening an Internet “Windows Store” where users can download applications for the operating system, but only if they have Windows 8. Applications are free for those testing out the beta version, but would include both free and paid versions after the operating system is released.
Initial reviews of the Operating System have been largely positive, with Cnet going so far as to say that Android ought to be very worried, particularly in the tablet space. New York Times technology columnist David Pogue called it “beautiful, logical and simple, while Gizmodo said: “By the time the final version ships later this year, it’s clear that Windows 8 is going to be a remarkable, daring update to the venerable OS.
Watch video of Windows 8 preview: