Facebook advertises to you even when you log out

Facebook will now start placing ads in mobile News Feeds, even after you're logged out. According to Mashable, Facebook advertising on the mobile platform isn't new, but an ad that will appear once a user is logged out is new. The ad should make its way to mobile platforms by April. Mike Hoefflinger, Director of Customer Marketing at Facebook said that the ads will reach 37 million users who log out of Facebook, everyday. He calls the log-out ads "stories" and said that these ads are one of four new 'Premium' products that Facebook will offer to advertisers. The four products were announced at the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York. The other products included new placements of ads for Facebook on the desktop. Ads will soon feature in another spot on the right hand side on the homepage as well as within the newsfeed.
More ads, more money

The Premium service, as Facebook is calling it, is also called "stories", because they want to decrease the "ad-ness" of an ad and make it more story-like. The idea is to use the little acknowledged symbiotic relationship between Facebook users and advertisers. Facebook says fans will engage more and advertisers are likely to build stories on top of stories. The ad will originate from brand pages and will be based on status updates, questions and videos. According to Hoefflinger, the ads will generate $3 for every $1 spent by advertisers. They promise to deliver five to ten times the click through rates of other ads on Facebook. Brands that have already pioneered the ads are Dr. Pepper, Butterfinger and EA.