It would appear that Facebook has begun to roll out, as expected, its timeline for pages. It isn’t visible to everyone, so until the change are available to all Facebook accounts, you can get an idea of what they’re going to look like, pimped out with the new layout, by checking out Coca Cola and Starbucks official pages, among others.
The change will be available to all Facebook users by the end of March, about 3 months after the feature was fully rolled out to personal accounts, and will no doubt help boost Facebook’s marketing and advertising edge among brands even more.
Here at The Next Web, we’ve been able to preview what our official page will look like once the new design is available and this is how it’s going to look:

We’ve already seen how creative users have gotten with the timeline on their personal pages, as we as seen with the Anti-Drugs Timeline Message, and with marketeers adding the new Facebook layout to their bag of tools, they will no doubt find interesting and creative ways to promote their products and services.