Now playing : The Jagan – CBI drama!

How mean can politics be?
When the entire nation is fighting along with Anna against corruption, around 30 Members of Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh have resigned in support of a politician who was being investigated by CBI  for amassing huge amounts of black money! What a shame!!
Although, it is evident that there are vested interests for few political parties, one can’t oppose the CBI raids against Y.S Jagan. The High Court itself ordered the CBI to start investigation against Y.S. Jagan on charges of money laundering and the same was approved by the Supreme Court. The court heard Jagan’s arguments against CBI raids and then gave its judgment. The court was not convinced by the argument that the case was filed due to political indifference. It is very important to note what High Court said about the political conflicts issue:
We do note that most of the writ petitions were being filed due to political conflicts. But we can’t flush out this case on a reason that there are strong political interests associated with it. We see a possibility of loss of hundreds of crores to public treasury and hence we order  the CBI to start an inquiry on it.
If Jagan is an honest leader, why does he fear a CBI investigation? If he has nothing to hide, why has he pushed the panic button? The worst of all is that Jagan is being compared to Anna! Anna never feared an investigation on him. If he did, he would never start a fight against the central government. Anna has nothing to hide, hence he is afraid of none. Honesty is his strength. I never knew anything of Jagan’s honesty.
Almost after 2 years of Y.S.R’s accidental death, Jagan camp’s MLAs voiced out their doubts on the accident of Y.S.R! Why were they silent till today? Can’t one see a desperate effort to divert public attention from CBI investigation issue? If their leader hasn’t done anything wrong, they would have eagerly waited for the result of CBI investigation as it would only reinforce the honesty of their leader. Their public stunts to side track the investigation news clearly proves that they aren’t sure of their leader’s character!
They now argue that Congress and other opposition parties are in an effort to shadow the greatness of Y.S.R. They object the inclusion of Late Y.S.R’s name in the CBI charge sheet. Late Rajiv Gandhi was also included in the charge sheet of Bofors scam! If Late Y.S.R was a great man, then the CBI will have nothing to prove against him. Inclusion of a name in charge sheet doesn’t mean he is a culprit, it just means he is a suspect. Jagan’s camp is in an audacious attempt to hurt people’s emotions and thereby achieve sympathy and political mileage.
I don’t say Congress or TDP are any great. Many of the ministers of Y.S.R’s cabinet now say, Y.S.R has taken many ‘dark-room’ decisions and we are no where involved in those scams. One minister now accuses Y.S.R on signing in many of his portfolio’s files without his knowledge. What were they doing then? During elections, why did they sing hymns in his favor? One can easily spot the effort of Congress ministers to escape from this issue. Being its members, isn’t it their moral responsibility to face investigation on the decisions taken by the then cabinet?
Although there are vested political interests in current CBI raids, I do welcome them heartily. Andhra Pradesh has become the most corrupt state in the country. Anti Corruption raids must begin somewhere and if they start with Jagan, let it be so. At the least, some effort is being taken to check the ever rising political corruption. I hope that the honorable court orders investigations against the other corrupt leaders too! My appeal to public is that:
Let’s not fall for the stunts of corrupt leaders! Lets not be greedy for their free-bee schemes!! Lets not support corrupt leaders in name of caste and religion!!! Lets not allow our personal emotions or interests intervene in the fight against corruption!!!! Else lets stop calling ourselves ‘civilians’ of India!!!!!