50+ Top Blog Directories to Submit your Blog

There can be different objectives behind creating and running a blog, but the common of all is to get visitors. As we all know that a website or blog without visitors is like a lonely place. What we always want for our blogs is exposure, traffic, visitors – which in turn help us in reaching our objective behind blogging.
blog directories listOne of the basic things to present and promote our blogs to get visitors and clients is link building. Well, the easiest method known so far to build links for a blog is to submit it toBlog Directories. In this post, I am covering a quick list of some free and quality Blog directories. Below given is the list of 50+ free, top ranked blog directories which can be used to submit your blog to increase its exposure and linking.
  1. Yahoo! Directory
  2. Zimbio
  3. WordPress Blog Directory
  4. Blogged
  5. Technorati
  6. On Top List
  7. Globe of Blogs
  8. Blog Universe
  9. Bigger Blogger
  10. Bloggernity
  11. Bloggapedia
  12. Blog Flux
  13. Blogging Fusion
  14. Spill Bean
  15. Blog Explosion
  16. Blog Digger
  17. Blog Pulse
  18. Blogarama
  19. Blog Hints
  20. Blogs Ranker
  21. E-Articles
  22. Million Blogs Online
  23. Bllogs
  24. Wutzle
  25. Add Your Blog
  26. EZE Dir
  27. Directory Blogs
  28. Quick Blog Directory
  29. Blog Dirs
  30. Fuel My Blog
  31. Liquida
  32. Top Blogging
  33. Blogroll Center
  34. UB Daily
  35. Blogs Rater
  36. Planet USA
  37. Lazy Blog Directory
  38. Blogowogo
  39. RSS Directory
  40. Blogoculars
  41. Blogs all over the World
  42. Everything Fine
  43. Puppy URL
  44. Article Directory
  45. Blog Top List
  46. Malatya
  47. Fwisp
  48. Articles Expert
  49. Society of Social Preneurs
  50. Search4Blog
  51. Blog Search Engine
If I missed your favorite one, feel free to share with us by listing it in comments.